Late night Magic

                It was a Sunday night just like any Sunday night accept, it was a good night to play Magic with some old friends from Nestle.  I was late so I missed the Commander game, and they did not want to play another one.  That kind of sucks because I still want to a commander Planes Chase game.  I think that would be a lot of fun.
                I really should start taking notes at these game, epically the ones that are late at night like this one was.  There were four games and I lost them all.  So here they are.
                Game 1:  I don’t remember what John was playing but the man named Hyde was playing a dragon deck and I was going to play my merfolk deck.  That was not going to work out to well for me.  The think about my merfolk is that their code name is milfoil and it is a fast deck so by turn 5 when I was not getting anything that was going to help me I was kind of worried about what was going on.  When I was able to search my library for a card, that is when I found out it was not my merfolk deck and I dropped out because I could not win.

Game 2:  In game two I got the Milford, and I was doing ok for a time, I got out both my mind cranks so that was able to help, I might have been able to win if I was able to get the Marrow Commerce out, but I needed on more land to play the card that would allow me to go and get it.
                Game 3:  and other game that I could have won, but fell short.  In this game John was playing a deck that let him get squids and make them big so Hyde and I had to use our flyers and kill him.  Hyde was playing a beast deck, and I was using my level up deck.  I was able to get the Ghostly Prison so I could not be attacked unless they wanted to pay mana, the mistake I made was attacking to soon, I thought is health was lower than it really was.
                Game 4:  Goats, dragons, and Minotaur’s.  There was no way I was going to win this one.  Hyde was making so many tokens that I could do nothing. And the Minotaur’s fell to a freaking goat.

Posted on January 19, 2016 .

The death of a monk and undead sister.

                This is a story about the 5e game that I play in, and it is a story of sadness.  It begins in the town of Old Hollows Town.  We went there to help a friend of a friend.  While in the town we meet a monk that joined the party.  This monk thought he was pretty badass, now he could have been the last monk we saw kicked the crap out of Vorlos and he was blind.
                Today this monk meet his death, as we came back to the Adventures city, there was smoke coming from burning buildings and when we got there the city was under attack, he went rushing in and that could have been the worst and best thing he could have done.  It was the worst thing because it is what got him killed, and the best because that means I did not have to be the one to kill him.

            The battle was good for some people, Bathsheba was finally about to raise an undead creature, she really is badass, and in the words of Bufford “I am so in love with her right now.   But that was about all it was good for she would soon kill her own zombie when she finally realized that one of the people that had been kidnaped was her friend.   

            This is where the story gets even worse many years ago in a fit of rage Guin killed her family being her mum, dad, sister and ex-husband.  Today she learned that her sister is not dead, and that she is going to have to finish the job, but this time she is going to have to use a dagger and her bare hands.  I know some of you are thinking why Guin would have to kill her sister, well remember that she is evil and has more love and respect for the other rouge she is traveling with and she wants to kill him too.

            On a good note Guin now has one and a half Magic items that she can use, and you would say how it is one and a half while the answer is that one of the items protects her from a type of monster that they don’t fight a lot.  So maybe someday it will come in handy but that day is not today.  So until next time keep gaming.


Posted on January 17, 2016 .

Neveragain #6

                An Update on the game, and how the working out is going.  So let’s start with the weekly game.  The group has finished the first level of the academy, so when I am done with this blog and the dishes, I will have to get the level two map on to Roll20.
                I have got the mapping done for the Pirate Skyhold.  I have four sections to the island map.  When the time comes I hope I can find a company that can do my book with a fold out map, I have talked to and at the time they could not do that. 
                So there is the Red dragon ship on the sky hold and in order to get it fixed I have a skill challenge, but even the players pass, there is one piece that is missing.  The souls of the Red Dragon, and that is in the Fire Temple.
                The mapping is done for the Fire Temple I just need to get all the writing done, I am hoping that I can get to that somewhat tonight. 
                When I am done with the Fire Temple, it will be time for The Castle of the Pirate King.  I am still somewhat thinking about what I am going to do with this, I was thinking that the castle inside would be burned out so the Storm Dragon is there, but I might do something else.  I will keep you posted on what happens with the castle, so until next time keep gaming.
Posted on January 14, 2016 .

Character building

                With the coming of the New Year it is time to get back in to all of the D&D games I am playing in, and getting ready to run on more.  In this blog we are going to look at the creation of a Paladin and the leveling up of an Assassin, we also might take a min to talk about some of the Characters in the coming Oriental Adventure game.
                Let’s start with the Paladin.  I have been asked to play a second character in the play by post game I am playing in.  The reason is one person got nailed by the blood monster we were fighting and is going to be out of the game for some time.  I have created Amber, a level paladin who focuses on aiding her team mates, her Magic symbol and her armor allow her to heal people, and her sword is just magical.  I think it is going to be fun to play this character, it might be fun to see what happens with the Assassin.
                The Assassin I am leveling up is not form the play by post game.  It is from the 5e game that I play in.  I believe I have told you about Guin before, and if not that is ok.  I am working on leveling her up to level 8.  She is now multi classing as a Warlock she will be taking the pact of the Chain when she because level 3.  I think I am going to have a lot of fun with this, the idea is that her Pact is going to be with a succubus that wants her to hunt done other demon’s and kill them.
                In the O.A I thought we might have one more player, but he dogged out when he found out we would not be playing at his house, and that is ok I know that at some point he would drop us.  So right now we have a Dwarf type that fights with two axes, and a Rat Monk, there will be a ranger I think he is going to be human.  And while we look for other players I am going to create a Ninja and a Samurai that will become a battle Madan
                There you have it, some insight to some of the characters that I am working on, until next time keep gaming.

Posted on January 10, 2016 .

The War at The End of The Maze

                There are going to be six games that took place over this weekend, one day was just Casey and I, and the second day There was a third player. So here we go.
                Game 1:  This game was our EDH decks, I only have the dragon deck that I got for my birthday last year, and Casey only has a Mono while deck.  In this game I was not able to get any land out and Dragons are not cheap, so Casey got the win this game.
                Game 2:  We played a second EDH game, this time I was able to get enough land that I was to play all the dragons that I needed to get the win. 
                Game 3: So this final game was my Red and White and Black Minotaur deck and Casey’s Mono Red deck.  At the start of this game I was a little worried that Casey was going to win this game, he was getting burn spells out pretty fast.  In the end he ran out of spells so I was to overrun him.  And that is how the first night ended, now we will look at what happen on the second night.
                Game 1: In this game I played my Red, White and Black Vampire deck, Casey would end up dropping out of this game because his Mono While deck was only giving him land, Spencer the third player was also not getting the things that he need so it was easy for me to get the win.
                Game 2:  This game was an EDH game so we will just tell you about the new deck. It was a Red and Blue deck, and used other Spells to do damage to the other players.  I had plenty of land and Casey was also able to get land and do what he needed.  Spencer started dealing damage to me every time he draw a card, and then felt he and do enough that on the next turn he got, he was going to try and take me out.
                Because he told us his plan out loud I used the dragons I had to deal 30 points of damage.  By this time Casey was able to get a enough life that I was going to have a hard time killing him, I would have to use all my dragons to just kill is commander so I could do damage to him.  I had to get all my Guild Gates and use the Maze’s end to win the game.
                Game 3:  In this game Casey would win with this Mono Green deck.  And that is how it went down so until next time keep Gaming.

Posted on January 9, 2016 .

Blood and Goblins

                So here it is, the first blog of the New Year, so I guess I need to say Happy New Year.  So far it is going good, I need to make a Podcast for this week so I am hoping to do that tomorrow.  But here it is time to write about the games that are going on right now.
                The Play by post game is going good.  We are fighting some kind of Blood Element thing.  It is crazy, it has this power that it covers a person and any damage the monster takes, the character takes that much damage too.  The healer got attacked with this power and it was my turn, I missed the first attack, and took my action point, which gave me a few more things.  I got a critical hit and did 58 points of damage so needless to say I killed the healer.
                I think it is great that I got two crit’s on this monster, and soon you will see why.
                The other game that I am playing in right now, is the roll20 game.  I have not been running my game due to the Holidays, so I have just been the player.  While the last two games I have not been able to roll anything higher than a 10.  So the only thing I have been good for was healing.  I hope that it gets better because we are going to be playing this game a lot while I do the second draft of Neverwinter.
                The last game we played I left early, there is one guy that just wants to goof off, and one of the new guys is building his character like Mario, and wants to throw hammers that are on fire.  I am not sure how I feel about that, but it is his character so I guess who cares.
                I am almost done with the Pirate Skyhold, I am working on the fire temple that I have put up there, and I am still working on the mapping and will most likely get back to that when I am done with this blog. 
                I also have to do some recording for The O.A. Podcast, I am going to make some NPC, and I will first make a lady that will become a Battle Maiden when the time comes.  I am also going to make a Ninja, just so I can have someone that uses the War Fan.  I don’t know why but I love that weapon.

Posted on January 6, 2016 .

2,000 dollars and a new year.

I got done with a visit to my uncle’s house, were he has a box of D&D stuff from my late friend.  The only thing that is standing in my way is 2,000 dollars.  It has been a few years so I am really hoping that 2016 will be the year that I am able to get it.  I was looking at it today, and it is going to cost about 166 dollars a month, and when we go to the family Christmas party I should be able to take the box home with me.
2016 is going to be a good year for The Swamp.  I just got done doing a podcast with Jesse Jackson from Set Bruce Lusting it was a good show, and on the 1st I am going to be a special on the X-men and then on Monday it will be back to the Norm for  the Kevin Long Show.
The Swamp has a shirt of Tee Public, you can find it here.  Or not, I am not able to get a link, but I will get it to you soon.  What I can get to you know is the link to the shirts that are on the Southgate Media Group page.  We have Four Shirts
1.       Nightfall Tee - The Dragon Variation
2.       Dungeon Crawlers Club
3.       Dragon Fairy
4.       MTG | Stained Glass
I am really excited.  We have started the D&D podcast, the character intro’s right now, and we have a few more of those to do. 
The Magic Podcast will be starting this coming week too, and I am not sure if I am going to do the Sports one, I am not sure what I want to do with it, so I will think about that some and we will see what happens.
This coming week, I will get the first part of my Neverwinter game, and will start working on the next edit and doing what I have to do to get it out.  I think that is it for now so until next time Happy New year and keep gaming.

Posted on December 31, 2015 .

Cooties and Fireballs

                As I sit here waiting for my class to start, I thought it would be a good idea to get the blog done. 
                I want to start with, informing you that I will not be going to Bryce Con this coming year.  I was hoping to do so but I lost my job, and the money I was going to use for the hotel room went to buying a new window for our van.  So I will not be able to do a podcast about that, and my assassin costumes will have to wait.
                I don’t know when I will get to those, if I win tickets to Fan X I will only go one day by myself so I can do on of them that day.  I might go to the Salt Lake Gaming con, we will see what happens.
                So now let’s get in to the gaming.  The kids and I played another game of Cotises, and this time I got the crap kicked out of me.  By the time I was able to get my head, all three kids were working on getting their legs put on.  Dice sometimes the Force is with you and sometimes it is not, but the dice are always trying to kill you.
                We were going to try and get another game of Monopoly Jr. But that has not happened yet.  We are going to play a ton of games on Christmas.  I am thinking we will play some D&D Clue.
                So the Last thing for this post is the Roll20 game that I am running.  I am happy that we got three battles done this last week.  They have killed the Cockatrice and now have that part of the cure. 

                They meet the Succubus, and that was the best part of the night, and might be one of the best things I have seen.  At the start of round two, she copied herself to look like the rouge.  The fire wizards was going to skip his turn so he did not kill his friend.  The player of the rouge started calling out the other player so the Fire mage too his turn, missed his check on the demon and hit the Rouge.  It was a Crit Hit for 60 points of Damage.  The rouge only had 33 points of health.  Oh I love when players kill themselves.  I don’t know what the new character is going to be, but we will see soon.  Until next time keep gaming.

Posted on December 22, 2015 .

A new Section

                I got half of a game of cuddies in with the kids.  I was willing bad, and one of the kids was losing bad, she did not even have a body yet, so I gave her my cuddy and left the game.
                I started mapping out the Pirate Skyhold, but right after I got done with that, I have decided that I am going to change it up.  I will work on that again when I am done with this blog.
                So the real reason for today’s blog.  In the last podcast for the year, we started talking about our Delta Force Six team, and I got an idea for a new section for the show.  So I will share with you my team then I would love to know what your team is.  It can be any Comic book hero.
                So my team is Batman and the X-men.  Batman, Wolverine Gambit, Night Clawer, Emma Frost, and Scarlet Witch.  When the show comes out I will go back and listen to what Casey’s team is and blog it too.  Jayson did not know too much about the comic’s but he was able to decide that his team would not have Green Lantern, but would have Aqua man.
                So now the new idea for the show.  We want to hear about your teams, and then once a month, Jayson will come up with a mission, and we are going to have a special show to see how while these teams will do on that mission.  I have a DC expert that has agreed to come on the show, and I am waiting to hear from a Marvel person.
                I am really excited about this new section of the show.  I hope that it is able to take off.  But now I have a map to draw and homework to do so, until next time keep gaming.

Posted on December 19, 2015 .

An Update

                Today’s blog is just going to be update, about how things are going.  While let’s get right in to it.
                I have got a new shirt up on teepublic, it is the logo for The Swamp.  You can check it out here.
                I am really excited about this, we are getting our name out there.  You can check out the rest of the shirts on the Southgate Media Group here.
                I have reordered the last Kevin Long Show for the year that was fun. We might be doing a new thing with that.  I am waiting to hear back from some people and then I will share with you what I am hoping to do.  I think I will be doing next year is one show I am going to be sitting down with another podcaster and talking about Final Fantasy VII and the remake that is coming out.
                This week we will be starting the Magic the Gathering podcast, and doing one more character creation podcast for the O.A III.  I have been thinking that I am going to change the name for the D&D game, I think if it was ever cool to call it the O.A. It was when it was I, not so much now.  I don’t have a better name for it yet though.
                I don’t talk much about my Play by post game, but I should.  We are getting ready to go hunt down the people that attacked our little village, we are waiting for the DM to create a new healer NPC, and I might tell him that I can do it.
                The roll20 game is going good.  The players are now at the academy and they have gotten through the first battle, I think it might be to over powered, but I need to look at what happens.  I am thinking that I am going to make the academy the first part of the summer and will make finding out about the cure the rest of the spring.
                The reason is that the academy is pretty high level, but I don’t want to take it out of the game.  I will figure it out, and until then I will just keep going with it, plus the players are already in to it, so I won’t change it until we are done with the game.  When I am done with I will go write the next part.
                I am going to start posting stuff on eBay again, so I will have to do that today too, I have decided that the company is still too small to take three weeks off, so I am back on that.  There you have it so until next time keep gaming.

Posted on December 15, 2015 .

FF VII and Podcasting

                Even now as I start this blog, I have turned on the FF VIII.  I love this game, and am really excited for the remake.  There are some things I am worried about like it not being turned based and coming out in multiple parts.  I know some of you might think this is not a big deal, but these are the two main reasons that I stopped playing FF XII.
                So the last time I played, I was able to be the underwater weapon.  This time I am going to beat the dessert weapon and try to get all the enemy skills.  I think that would be a good challenge.
                I have gotten all the final weapons and Limit breaks, something I don’t normally care too much about but this time I just thought why not.  One thing I would love to see in the new game is that you could get the Chocobo’s of other colors while you are out hunting, that would be kind of fun, I think you would still have to mate to get the gold one, or have a Mastered Choco Lure to get it.
                In the Trailer the characters have voice acting which is great, I am excited about that, I hope that the computer can read the names that you put in, so when they are talking to you it will say whatever your name is.
                Today I was able to get one podcast done for the new podcast game.  Casey is playing the dwarf type race for the orient.  He is going to have two battle axes.  The will be cool.  It should be fun.  He is already talking about other things that he would like to do, like be a badger, I told him a few times the type of game we would be playing but still thought it was going to be a normal game.
                I think that next Friday when I do one more Character Creation podcast that will be it for the year.  Monday will be the last Kevin Long Show, there might be a New Year’s Special, but for the most part I think I am done for the year.  I will still be working on Neverwinter and stuff so I will have blogs being posted.  So there you have it, until next time Keep Gaming.

Posted on December 11, 2015 .

Neveragain #5

                While there seems to be a lot of Neveragains right now, but that is where all of my work is going right now.  I am not going to post any new things to the E bay store until the start of next year and I have not been doing much of anything else.  Tomorrow I will have something else, for Casey and I will be making his character for the podcast game.
                So I spent most of the day getting the next part of the Neverwinter game on to roll20.  That takes a lot of time and I did not get it all done.  I wish there was a tool that would make it so I could draw the lines for the map straight.
                I have got the most of the monsters done.  I create a photo album on my Facebook of 36 succubus, because I wanted to find the right one for the encounter.  I think that one is going to be fun.  I think the other fun battle in this area will be the Cockatrice battle.
                The game this week will be good, I got a new person to join, but I will most likely be dropping someone.  I don’t understand why it is so hard for people to get back to others if someone asks you something then answer them and it doesn’t need to take a million years.
                While it is short but until next time keep gaming.

Posted on December 10, 2015 .

Neveragain #4

I am kind of tired just sitting here writing this blog before I go play some basketball.  Trying again to be a little healthier.  So the reason I am tried that that I stayed up late getting the academy done.
That’s right, I can now start on the map for Pirate Island.  I might do that tonight when I am done playing ball or I might start on Saturday.  Tomorrow I have to get things on roll20 for the game coming up and Friday I will be getting things set up for the new game that I am starting at the first of the year.
So it is super short today but until next time keep gaming.

Posted on December 9, 2015 .

Neveragain #3

 The game was good even with missing two people missing, one decided to get drunk and I don’t know what happen to the other guy. We might be looking for more people soon.  I guess we are looking for people, there is one spot open.
So in this week’s game the players, meet the lord of the city, and I thought for a min that bad things were going to go down.  The rouge was ready to stab him that could have been fun, and bad at the same time.  We will see what happens in the weeks to come.
It was time for the hero’s to but in some time for the city.  Five nights on the city wall the divides the city from the chasm.  The first encounter was good, they hero’s got through it pretty easy, however when it was over two of the characters have contracted the Creeping Madness.
The second fight was better, I took out one the characters, and they got worse on the progression of the Madness.  It would be good for some storyline it the character was to get a spell scare. 
We would have got more done, but the kids were sick, so I was not able to focus 100% on the game.  There is always next week.
I have been thinking about the game, my players are only level 4, I am kind of worried that the stuff that is coming up.  I am thinking in the rewrite I am just going to make the House of Knowledge level 1-3 and go from there with the academy, and see what happens.  I think that will work better for the other seasons as well.  So until next time keep gaming.

Posted on December 7, 2015 .

The New Podcast Game

                Today I have been working on getting things ready for the new game I will be running for my podcast.  I was hoping to do it on Roll20 so I could get more players, but I decided against that because there is a lot of some that I am going to have to change so it will be better if everyone was in one place.
                The orient was the setting for the old podcast, so I am going to make it so again.  I was thinking for a min that I would run the old game again so in the end I could finish the second part of the story, but I decided that I am just going to start with what would be the next part of the story.  What would happen if the players did make a deal with Baba Yaga to get her to help them?  That is what we are going to find out in this adventure.
                The story starts 50 years after the witch helps them, and now that Phoenix clan leads the empire, and there are rumors that the Scorpion clan is looking for war. 
                I was hoping that I could find an old L5R box set, called city of lies, but I am thinking that I will just write my own.  I will keep looking for the box set, but I am thinking that this is where I will start the game. Trying to end a war before it starts.
                I think that is it for now, so until next time keep gaming.
Posted on December 5, 2015 .

Family Games and D&D

If you have been keeping up with the blog, you will know that I did not like Monopoly Frozen version at all, so I had to find a real Monopoly Jr. and I did.  On a trip to the Dollar book store to drop off some books, I was able to find a copy of the game for one dollar.
There was a huge chance that it would be missing pieces, but only costing one dollar it was a risk I was will to take.  The lady at the book store was even willing to go through it and make sure it was all there.  I am not sure if the kids lost it when they started looking through when they say that I bought it, or if it was missing when I got it.  The only thing I am missing is the blue token.
I am really gland that I found the game for a good deal, I was able to do math with the kids that you could not do with the Frozen game, when the kids needed to find other was to make numbers I made them count it out and then would ask them what types of money they needed.  They did pretty well at it.  The oldest won the game with 80 dollars, the other girl came in second with something like 53 dollars, the boy and I only had 5 dollars when the game was done.
I was also able to play some D&D that was good, because the face to face games I think are done until the New Year.  That is somewhat good, because I have things that I need to get done, so well we were waiting for everyone to show up, I wanted to sale all of the things that we did not need, but was not able to do that, and then everyone got mad because they wanted to kill things. 
Once again we got through one encounter and people started bugging out, I know it took some time to sale stuff, but I don’t know what it is about this group, that can only do one fight a week.  I really don’t know or I would try and help the DM out. 
I am going to start working on the game that I will be running for the podcast game, I am really excited for that one.  And that will do it so until next time Keep Gaming.  

Posted on December 5, 2015 .

The Shop

                Today this post will most likely be all over the place.  I have many things that I am working on today, and many more things that I need to work on.
                I got a new game book, it is called Blue Holmes, it is a clone, and it looks fun and we will get to it soon or latter. 
                I am working on getting more things up on the eBay store, I will get back to that when I am done with the blog, and you can find that at kevinsmajestictheswamppit.  I have some Warhammer Quest mini’s’ up right now but they will be going soon. 
                Today I am hoping to play some Monopoly jr. with the kids, I am not sure we will be able to, some of them are sick.  But we could play frozen monopoly, because with one kid out for the count we would not have to team up or fight.
                I think that is it, so until next time keep gaming.

Posted on December 2, 2015 .

Neveragain #2

                This week as been mostly Neverwinter.  Part of that is due to not having any other games going on.  I am just about done with level 4 of the Neverwinter academy.  I have to figure out how I am going to have the players rebuild the Red Dragon ship on Pirate Island, because that is the next part of the game.
                I do need to cut back on Treasure, when the players got back to town they had about 14,000 gold.  I think in my last post I was only going to have parcels of level 3 or lower in the House of Knowledge.  I also need to look at encounters or changing up some things, the group is now level for but that is because I gave them enough exp to go to level 4.
                The little fight with the Green Dragon went good, I was able to get two breath weapons off before it was time to go back to the island.  Now the stage is set for them to go and fight the big boss for this season.
                One of the players was finally able to figure out that it is starting to get hotter, I don’t know what they are going to do with that information, but now they have it.  
                 One thing I would like to do, to make the game mine, is make a list of what magic items the magic shop has, I think I will do the list by player level so form 1-5 and so on, and so forth.  I really like this idea so we will see what happens.
                There you have it, so until next time Keep Gaming.

Posted on November 29, 2015 .

Neveragain #1

As I start this Blog about the Neverwinter game, I am racing Chocobo’s so I can get the gold one, in FF VII.  I have been playing through that game for a time now if you listen to the podcast, you will know a little about that.
                I was hoping to get the new Magic the Gathering podcast started to day, but I was not able to do that.  I am looking for one more co-host if you would like to be part of that you can comment on this blog or email me at
                So now let’s get in to the Neverwinter game.  Last night I was able to spend a few hours working on the game.  I got most of level 3 of the academy done.  I should be able to finish it tonight when I am done with this blog. 
                There are a few secret chest in this level, and I was going to put a deck of many things in one of them, because I had just bought the Madness at Gardmore Abby adventure, and thought that would be pretty cool, so I opened that box and was really disappointed it the 4e version of the deck of many things.  I still have the deck in the game but I am using the deck from first edition.
                It is my goal to get level 3 and 4 done tonight  that way when I get back on to the game Friday, I can start working on the adventure In Pirate Island, there is going to be a holy war going on between two animal tribes I am looking forward to that, this is also the Red Dragon Ship.  The players are going to have to fix that one if they want to use it.
                While I was working on the game, I was thinking that the party that is test playing for me, are coming out of the House of Knowledge and they are almost level 4, I think after the mini fight with the Green Dragon and Andru, they will be level 4, so I am thinking that I am going to change the treasure in that house and I might have to change some of the encounters, that are only at level 3 because I gave that a level for having to put up with some player.
                While there you have it, the first Neveragain under the new blog is done, so until next time Keep Gaming.

Posted on November 25, 2015 .

Let it go, Let it go!

                I love games and most of the games I play, I like and have good things to say about them.  But in this blog I really don’t have anything good to say about the game I just got done playing.  
                I have two girls, so one day we are walking through Wal-Mart and found Disney’s Frozen Monopoly for 15 dollars so we bought it.  Here is the first problem it is made for only 3 players.  What Monopoly game is made for 3 people?  There are enough characters in that movie that more people can play.
                Money:  In Monopoly Jr, you get money from 1-20 dollars and kids might be able to learn something.  In this game you get 1’s in the form of Millions, that’s it, not too keen on that.
                Deeds:  There are no deed cards in this game when you land on a place you pay however millions it is worth, and then but a token on it to show that you own it.  When another player lands on something you own they pay however much the land is worth.
                There you have it, so until next time Keep Gaming.

Posted on November 24, 2015 .