A new Section

                I got half of a game of cuddies in with the kids.  I was willing bad, and one of the kids was losing bad, she did not even have a body yet, so I gave her my cuddy and left the game.
                I started mapping out the Pirate Skyhold, but right after I got done with that, I have decided that I am going to change it up.  I will work on that again when I am done with this blog.
                So the real reason for today’s blog.  In the last podcast for the year, we started talking about our Delta Force Six team, and I got an idea for a new section for the show.  So I will share with you my team then I would love to know what your team is.  It can be any Comic book hero.
                So my team is Batman and the X-men.  Batman, Wolverine Gambit, Night Clawer, Emma Frost, and Scarlet Witch.  When the show comes out I will go back and listen to what Casey’s team is and blog it too.  Jayson did not know too much about the comic’s but he was able to decide that his team would not have Green Lantern, but would have Aqua man.
                So now the new idea for the show.  We want to hear about your teams, and then once a month, Jayson will come up with a mission, and we are going to have a special show to see how while these teams will do on that mission.  I have a DC expert that has agreed to come on the show, and I am waiting to hear from a Marvel person.
                I am really excited about this new section of the show.  I hope that it is able to take off.  But now I have a map to draw and homework to do so, until next time keep gaming.

Posted on December 19, 2015 .