The War at The End of The Maze

                There are going to be six games that took place over this weekend, one day was just Casey and I, and the second day There was a third player. So here we go.
                Game 1:  This game was our EDH decks, I only have the dragon deck that I got for my birthday last year, and Casey only has a Mono while deck.  In this game I was not able to get any land out and Dragons are not cheap, so Casey got the win this game.
                Game 2:  We played a second EDH game, this time I was able to get enough land that I was to play all the dragons that I needed to get the win. 
                Game 3: So this final game was my Red and White and Black Minotaur deck and Casey’s Mono Red deck.  At the start of this game I was a little worried that Casey was going to win this game, he was getting burn spells out pretty fast.  In the end he ran out of spells so I was to overrun him.  And that is how the first night ended, now we will look at what happen on the second night.
                Game 1: In this game I played my Red, White and Black Vampire deck, Casey would end up dropping out of this game because his Mono While deck was only giving him land, Spencer the third player was also not getting the things that he need so it was easy for me to get the win.
                Game 2:  This game was an EDH game so we will just tell you about the new deck. It was a Red and Blue deck, and used other Spells to do damage to the other players.  I had plenty of land and Casey was also able to get land and do what he needed.  Spencer started dealing damage to me every time he draw a card, and then felt he and do enough that on the next turn he got, he was going to try and take me out.
                Because he told us his plan out loud I used the dragons I had to deal 30 points of damage.  By this time Casey was able to get a enough life that I was going to have a hard time killing him, I would have to use all my dragons to just kill is commander so I could do damage to him.  I had to get all my Guild Gates and use the Maze’s end to win the game.
                Game 3:  In this game Casey would win with this Mono Green deck.  And that is how it went down so until next time keep Gaming.

Posted on January 9, 2016 .