Character building

                With the coming of the New Year it is time to get back in to all of the D&D games I am playing in, and getting ready to run on more.  In this blog we are going to look at the creation of a Paladin and the leveling up of an Assassin, we also might take a min to talk about some of the Characters in the coming Oriental Adventure game.
                Let’s start with the Paladin.  I have been asked to play a second character in the play by post game I am playing in.  The reason is one person got nailed by the blood monster we were fighting and is going to be out of the game for some time.  I have created Amber, a level paladin who focuses on aiding her team mates, her Magic symbol and her armor allow her to heal people, and her sword is just magical.  I think it is going to be fun to play this character, it might be fun to see what happens with the Assassin.
                The Assassin I am leveling up is not form the play by post game.  It is from the 5e game that I play in.  I believe I have told you about Guin before, and if not that is ok.  I am working on leveling her up to level 8.  She is now multi classing as a Warlock she will be taking the pact of the Chain when she because level 3.  I think I am going to have a lot of fun with this, the idea is that her Pact is going to be with a succubus that wants her to hunt done other demon’s and kill them.
                In the O.A I thought we might have one more player, but he dogged out when he found out we would not be playing at his house, and that is ok I know that at some point he would drop us.  So right now we have a Dwarf type that fights with two axes, and a Rat Monk, there will be a ranger I think he is going to be human.  And while we look for other players I am going to create a Ninja and a Samurai that will become a battle Madan
                There you have it, some insight to some of the characters that I am working on, until next time keep gaming.

Posted on January 10, 2016 .