Neveragain #5

                While there seems to be a lot of Neveragains right now, but that is where all of my work is going right now.  I am not going to post any new things to the E bay store until the start of next year and I have not been doing much of anything else.  Tomorrow I will have something else, for Casey and I will be making his character for the podcast game.
                So I spent most of the day getting the next part of the Neverwinter game on to roll20.  That takes a lot of time and I did not get it all done.  I wish there was a tool that would make it so I could draw the lines for the map straight.
                I have got the most of the monsters done.  I create a photo album on my Facebook of 36 succubus, because I wanted to find the right one for the encounter.  I think that one is going to be fun.  I think the other fun battle in this area will be the Cockatrice battle.
                The game this week will be good, I got a new person to join, but I will most likely be dropping someone.  I don’t understand why it is so hard for people to get back to others if someone asks you something then answer them and it doesn’t need to take a million years.
                While it is short but until next time keep gaming.

Posted on December 10, 2015 .