Late night Magic

                It was a Sunday night just like any Sunday night accept, it was a good night to play Magic with some old friends from Nestle.  I was late so I missed the Commander game, and they did not want to play another one.  That kind of sucks because I still want to a commander Planes Chase game.  I think that would be a lot of fun.
                I really should start taking notes at these game, epically the ones that are late at night like this one was.  There were four games and I lost them all.  So here they are.
                Game 1:  I don’t remember what John was playing but the man named Hyde was playing a dragon deck and I was going to play my merfolk deck.  That was not going to work out to well for me.  The think about my merfolk is that their code name is milfoil and it is a fast deck so by turn 5 when I was not getting anything that was going to help me I was kind of worried about what was going on.  When I was able to search my library for a card, that is when I found out it was not my merfolk deck and I dropped out because I could not win.

Game 2:  In game two I got the Milford, and I was doing ok for a time, I got out both my mind cranks so that was able to help, I might have been able to win if I was able to get the Marrow Commerce out, but I needed on more land to play the card that would allow me to go and get it.
                Game 3:  and other game that I could have won, but fell short.  In this game John was playing a deck that let him get squids and make them big so Hyde and I had to use our flyers and kill him.  Hyde was playing a beast deck, and I was using my level up deck.  I was able to get the Ghostly Prison so I could not be attacked unless they wanted to pay mana, the mistake I made was attacking to soon, I thought is health was lower than it really was.
                Game 4:  Goats, dragons, and Minotaur’s.  There was no way I was going to win this one.  Hyde was making so many tokens that I could do nothing. And the Minotaur’s fell to a freaking goat.

Posted on January 19, 2016 .