FF VII and Podcasting

                Even now as I start this blog, I have turned on the FF VIII.  I love this game, and am really excited for the remake.  There are some things I am worried about like it not being turned based and coming out in multiple parts.  I know some of you might think this is not a big deal, but these are the two main reasons that I stopped playing FF XII.
                So the last time I played, I was able to be the underwater weapon.  This time I am going to beat the dessert weapon and try to get all the enemy skills.  I think that would be a good challenge.
                I have gotten all the final weapons and Limit breaks, something I don’t normally care too much about but this time I just thought why not.  One thing I would love to see in the new game is that you could get the Chocobo’s of other colors while you are out hunting, that would be kind of fun, I think you would still have to mate to get the gold one, or have a Mastered Choco Lure to get it.
                In the Trailer the characters have voice acting which is great, I am excited about that, I hope that the computer can read the names that you put in, so when they are talking to you it will say whatever your name is.
                Today I was able to get one podcast done for the new podcast game.  Casey is playing the dwarf type race for the orient.  He is going to have two battle axes.  The will be cool.  It should be fun.  He is already talking about other things that he would like to do, like be a badger, I told him a few times the type of game we would be playing but still thought it was going to be a normal game.
                I think that next Friday when I do one more Character Creation podcast that will be it for the year.  Monday will be the last Kevin Long Show, there might be a New Year’s Special, but for the most part I think I am done for the year.  I will still be working on Neverwinter and stuff so I will have blogs being posted.  So there you have it, until next time Keep Gaming.

Posted on December 11, 2015 .