An Update

                Today’s blog is just going to be update, about how things are going.  While let’s get right in to it.
                I have got a new shirt up on teepublic, it is the logo for The Swamp.  You can check it out here.
                I am really excited about this, we are getting our name out there.  You can check out the rest of the shirts on the Southgate Media Group here.
                I have reordered the last Kevin Long Show for the year that was fun. We might be doing a new thing with that.  I am waiting to hear back from some people and then I will share with you what I am hoping to do.  I think I will be doing next year is one show I am going to be sitting down with another podcaster and talking about Final Fantasy VII and the remake that is coming out.
                This week we will be starting the Magic the Gathering podcast, and doing one more character creation podcast for the O.A III.  I have been thinking that I am going to change the name for the D&D game, I think if it was ever cool to call it the O.A. It was when it was I, not so much now.  I don’t have a better name for it yet though.
                I don’t talk much about my Play by post game, but I should.  We are getting ready to go hunt down the people that attacked our little village, we are waiting for the DM to create a new healer NPC, and I might tell him that I can do it.
                The roll20 game is going good.  The players are now at the academy and they have gotten through the first battle, I think it might be to over powered, but I need to look at what happens.  I am thinking that I am going to make the academy the first part of the summer and will make finding out about the cure the rest of the spring.
                The reason is that the academy is pretty high level, but I don’t want to take it out of the game.  I will figure it out, and until then I will just keep going with it, plus the players are already in to it, so I won’t change it until we are done with the game.  When I am done with I will go write the next part.
                I am going to start posting stuff on eBay again, so I will have to do that today too, I have decided that the company is still too small to take three weeks off, so I am back on that.  There you have it so until next time keep gaming.

Posted on December 15, 2015 .