Blood and Goblins

                So here it is, the first blog of the New Year, so I guess I need to say Happy New Year.  So far it is going good, I need to make a Podcast for this week so I am hoping to do that tomorrow.  But here it is time to write about the games that are going on right now.
                The Play by post game is going good.  We are fighting some kind of Blood Element thing.  It is crazy, it has this power that it covers a person and any damage the monster takes, the character takes that much damage too.  The healer got attacked with this power and it was my turn, I missed the first attack, and took my action point, which gave me a few more things.  I got a critical hit and did 58 points of damage so needless to say I killed the healer.
                I think it is great that I got two crit’s on this monster, and soon you will see why.
                The other game that I am playing in right now, is the roll20 game.  I have not been running my game due to the Holidays, so I have just been the player.  While the last two games I have not been able to roll anything higher than a 10.  So the only thing I have been good for was healing.  I hope that it gets better because we are going to be playing this game a lot while I do the second draft of Neverwinter.
                The last game we played I left early, there is one guy that just wants to goof off, and one of the new guys is building his character like Mario, and wants to throw hammers that are on fire.  I am not sure how I feel about that, but it is his character so I guess who cares.
                I am almost done with the Pirate Skyhold, I am working on the fire temple that I have put up there, and I am still working on the mapping and will most likely get back to that when I am done with this blog. 
                I also have to do some recording for The O.A. Podcast, I am going to make some NPC, and I will first make a lady that will become a Battle Maiden when the time comes.  I am also going to make a Ninja, just so I can have someone that uses the War Fan.  I don’t know why but I love that weapon.

Posted on January 6, 2016 .