The death of a monk and undead sister.

                This is a story about the 5e game that I play in, and it is a story of sadness.  It begins in the town of Old Hollows Town.  We went there to help a friend of a friend.  While in the town we meet a monk that joined the party.  This monk thought he was pretty badass, now he could have been the last monk we saw kicked the crap out of Vorlos and he was blind.
                Today this monk meet his death, as we came back to the Adventures city, there was smoke coming from burning buildings and when we got there the city was under attack, he went rushing in and that could have been the worst and best thing he could have done.  It was the worst thing because it is what got him killed, and the best because that means I did not have to be the one to kill him.

            The battle was good for some people, Bathsheba was finally about to raise an undead creature, she really is badass, and in the words of Bufford “I am so in love with her right now.   But that was about all it was good for she would soon kill her own zombie when she finally realized that one of the people that had been kidnaped was her friend.   

            This is where the story gets even worse many years ago in a fit of rage Guin killed her family being her mum, dad, sister and ex-husband.  Today she learned that her sister is not dead, and that she is going to have to finish the job, but this time she is going to have to use a dagger and her bare hands.  I know some of you are thinking why Guin would have to kill her sister, well remember that she is evil and has more love and respect for the other rouge she is traveling with and she wants to kill him too.

            On a good note Guin now has one and a half Magic items that she can use, and you would say how it is one and a half while the answer is that one of the items protects her from a type of monster that they don’t fight a lot.  So maybe someday it will come in handy but that day is not today.  So until next time keep gaming.


Posted on January 17, 2016 .