Neveragain #3

 The game was good even with missing two people missing, one decided to get drunk and I don’t know what happen to the other guy. We might be looking for more people soon.  I guess we are looking for people, there is one spot open.
So in this week’s game the players, meet the lord of the city, and I thought for a min that bad things were going to go down.  The rouge was ready to stab him that could have been fun, and bad at the same time.  We will see what happens in the weeks to come.
It was time for the hero’s to but in some time for the city.  Five nights on the city wall the divides the city from the chasm.  The first encounter was good, they hero’s got through it pretty easy, however when it was over two of the characters have contracted the Creeping Madness.
The second fight was better, I took out one the characters, and they got worse on the progression of the Madness.  It would be good for some storyline it the character was to get a spell scare. 
We would have got more done, but the kids were sick, so I was not able to focus 100% on the game.  There is always next week.
I have been thinking about the game, my players are only level 4, I am kind of worried that the stuff that is coming up.  I am thinking in the rewrite I am just going to make the House of Knowledge level 1-3 and go from there with the academy, and see what happens.  I think that will work better for the other seasons as well.  So until next time keep gaming.

Posted on December 7, 2015 .