Cooties and Fireballs

                As I sit here waiting for my class to start, I thought it would be a good idea to get the blog done. 
                I want to start with, informing you that I will not be going to Bryce Con this coming year.  I was hoping to do so but I lost my job, and the money I was going to use for the hotel room went to buying a new window for our van.  So I will not be able to do a podcast about that, and my assassin costumes will have to wait.
                I don’t know when I will get to those, if I win tickets to Fan X I will only go one day by myself so I can do on of them that day.  I might go to the Salt Lake Gaming con, we will see what happens.
                So now let’s get in to the gaming.  The kids and I played another game of Cotises, and this time I got the crap kicked out of me.  By the time I was able to get my head, all three kids were working on getting their legs put on.  Dice sometimes the Force is with you and sometimes it is not, but the dice are always trying to kill you.
                We were going to try and get another game of Monopoly Jr. But that has not happened yet.  We are going to play a ton of games on Christmas.  I am thinking we will play some D&D Clue.
                So the Last thing for this post is the Roll20 game that I am running.  I am happy that we got three battles done this last week.  They have killed the Cockatrice and now have that part of the cure. 

                They meet the Succubus, and that was the best part of the night, and might be one of the best things I have seen.  At the start of round two, she copied herself to look like the rouge.  The fire wizards was going to skip his turn so he did not kill his friend.  The player of the rouge started calling out the other player so the Fire mage too his turn, missed his check on the demon and hit the Rouge.  It was a Crit Hit for 60 points of Damage.  The rouge only had 33 points of health.  Oh I love when players kill themselves.  I don’t know what the new character is going to be, but we will see soon.  Until next time keep gaming.

Posted on December 22, 2015 .