The End

                Well this is going to be really short but the 4e game I was playing in has ended, so there is nothing to write about until October.  Now I will be DMing my Neverwinter game.
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Kobolds and Castles

                There were only two players in the game last time, but they had to fight the Big Bad Boss and his minions.  They were a little tougher than we thought they would be.  Most of them got a way.  But Jax was able to kill one and take its head.
                We found some notes about the army that is coming to try and take over the world.  We are going to have to try and start taking out the armies of the hell spawn, and hope that the demon and Tiamat does not show up.
                We have been invited to join a Special Forces type team, and we are going to do it.  We are also now the owner of an Island and have to start building a castle.  I am going to start looking though the 2e The Castle and see what I can come up with.  I think I am going to try and see about going back to the Twisted Temple and going through the portal, and taking the temple for our use too.
                I might even do a review of the book and see what happens.  But I think that is it for now.

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Jax comes from the mountains of the Ice Wind Dale. He is traveling the world to find his place in life, the maze that is life will some day come to an end, and he hopes that when that day comes he will be prepared to meet the gods part of his search is to find a whip that gives you life when you kill an opponent 
Growing up poor, he can handle not having money but it is nice when he has some, he has sworn not to steal from those that have as part of his paladin hood.
When Jak was born some one placed a prophecy over his head that he would lead a great army in to a battle with the forces of evil, it was not clear if he would life or not.
Jak has been in the order for a very long time learn the ways of not only his God, but the ways of battle.

Posted on September 2, 2015 .

A new Tale

                There is no Crypts and things game right now, so I thought would write about a new Northern Clan, that of Jak Podrus.  A Minotaur Paladin from the Ice Wind Dale.  This is going to be about a 4e game that I am playing in.               
I am going to go through each one of them at a time and you can really get to know them.
Cragh the Furious the Barbarian
Tarak     the Shaman
Eludisu the Rouge
Jak Podrus the Paladin
Wulengar the Druid
Lina the Fighter
Kenotra the Ranger
                There is going to be one more player, I will had her character on Sunday after I found out what she is playing.
                So there it is for now the new plan and the characters.

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A God is Born

                That time has come again that the Crypts and things came has come to end.  So I don’t know what I am going to do.  I am thinking I might start a game with my kids and a friend. But let’s get in to the last game.
                I missed a few games, so I don’t know where we went, but when we came back in to the city it was burning, and the dark ones were killing all the people in the city.  It did not take long for us to get attacked by the dark ones.
                The rouge and Chantel did what they could to kill them, and the wizard would put them to sleep, but there was just so many that there was no way that we would make it to the end alive.  Just then Chantel’s godly Brother showed up with an Iron Golem type monster and helped us clear the way. 
                When we got to the place where the alter was, Par the Lord of the city was tied up, his daughter was in a cage, and his wife was on the alter about to be the vessel to the God Dagon.  There was a fight and a recue that had to be done before Chantel could give herself.  In the end the Mage was taken buy some ape god, the rouge passed out due to the loss of blood, so that left par to sacrifices Chantel.  The city was saved.

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A Crown

                This week was kind of slow, one of the players really likes is job, and forgot about the game so we waited for him.
                This week we had to figure out what we were doing to do.  There is an army of bad guys coming to take over the city.  There is a new Cult that is growing and there is always the sunken city.  The last time we play I had found out that the reason the new cult was going so fast was because the person had the snake crown of mind control.
                The plan became get the crown.  The thief is becoming very fond of being turned invisible, and that makes sense he is a thief.  The problem is that it is a black magic spell, and the does not like using black magic.  He cast the spell any way.
                We found the man we were looking for in the middle of the street.  The thief go in for the kill and missed is first attack that is ok because Chantel missed her first attack too.  I hate when that happens because when I am first I could do a lot of damage.  The mage cast sleep, and then we found out the true power of the person we were fighting.  The bad guy counter with a lightning bolt, and killed our mage.  Sometimes it is good to have friends in low places, the mage and some kind of amulet that   allowed him to come back to live.  It was a good thing to because the other two of us died.

                It seems that next time we play Chantel is going to be killed by her own group.  In one of our games the group was told that she needs to be awaken, and know the other two players are very keen on killing her. We will see what happens.
Posted on June 7, 2015 .

The City of Water

            This week we went back to the sunken city, last time when I was not able to make it they group went to that part of the city and got attacked by some kind of demon, the two people they had hired to help ran away, and I almost got taken by this demon.
            So the start of this game the thief was very keen on trying to get more help, which was a good idea but we quickly figured out that it was only going to be the three of us.  In our little row boat we made our way in to the city.
            We found one tower, and upon entering it we found that we could go down in to the water, or make our way up top.  We chose to go up.  It did not take long to find someone to fight.  Again it did not take long for me to get knocked down, this time it was a sleep spell.  After the two guards went down it was time to take on the mage.  The mage charmed the thief and I had to fight with him while trying to fight the mage, I lost my sword and had to punch the mage in order to kill him.
            There was one other building that we were able to get in to.  After getting, the floor fell out from under me and there was something in the water that tried to drag me down.  I was able to get out of the water with some help.  Then in the next room we found some deep ones after killing them the thief went in to a room and found an altar and an old sword.

            This is as far as we made it this week, because we are going to have to find a way to breath under water if we are going to find what we need.  
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A Treasure map.

This week’s game was a good one that was full of thieving and man-bats.  The adventure starts with us on the boat our orders are to scout out, before we could go find the treasure.
We never really found out what the Captain and her group found, but while we were on our scouting mission we found shipwreck and some huts.  In searching the huts we did not find anything of worth, and the huts had been abandon for a really long time.  In the shipwreck we found that someone had left a picture of what looked like a man-bat.
After meeting back up with, the captain we started out in to the jungle to find our it was a trip and a half, we got lost once or twice, Chantel was not very good at finding her way. And each night we lost a man or two.  Some died at the hands of other men, others most likely at the hands at the man-bats.
We followed the map to a city, it was a very old city.  The front gates where open so we went in.  Most of the other pirates started sacking what they could, we keep going to the center of the city because that is what the map showed.  We found this very large building, there was a crack in the wall so we went in.  We found a very large pillar, and the rouge started to climb up when he found something.  He opened a secret in the tower, and the captain order her men to kill us.
There was a sword in the secret place, and the rouge tried to get and so did the captain, in the end of the fight Chantel, the rouge and most of the pirates all died.  I hate that in all the fights we have been in Chantel has died.  The sword is magic and wants to feed on someone’s blood.
There was one more magic item a crown, that when Chantel put it on she felt like she could command everyone to do what she wanted them to do.  I came in handy when we got back to the boat and some of the men did not believe the captain dead.  The only problem was that when she used it to command she lost five points of wisdom damage.
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Chantel a Virgin Pirate Godness

                The adventure started with Chantel and the thief getting a job and going to check out the target.  On the way the two of them were attacked, what really happen was that Chantel and the thief just happened to be there.
                After cutting one assassin in half the remaining four filled Chantel with arrows and she went down. The thief ran away and that was probably the right thing to do.  As he was taking off he heard the assassins screaming so he went back to see what was happening.  What was happening was some people had showed up and were trying to save Chantel.
                The new hero’s took Chantel to a temple, where they were able to healer a little then she the thief and the mage who finally showed up all found out that Chantel was a virgin goddess.  And the men saved her because of it.  The group decided that the mage and thief would go check out the tower that they had to break in to, and Chantel would stay at the temple.
                The next day they all meet back up, when the thief told Chantel that the people who attacked the night before were hired to kill her, and that it might be hard to get in to the tower that they were going to rob.  However that night after dinner Chantel, two of her followers and the two unbelievers set out to find the silk merchant and rob his tower.
                At the tower the mage cast a spell so he could find traps and he did, but the thief was not able to disable them, so the group had to climb up the tower the thief and one of Chantel’s followers went up first and then everyone else followed, and the top one of the followers was nowhere to be found.  When they opened the trap door, and jumped in, there was spider webs everywhere and one giant demon spider.
                The thief was the only one that could hit the demon, but Chantel’s second follower was going to die trying, and was really brave for his lady.  After the fight the group found the merchant; he had been killed by the spider.  Now it was time to search the house.
                They found a good amount of money, and some silk, and the best thing of all a treasure map.  It was time to go back to the thief’s guild and give them there cut.  When the group got to the guild they tried to give the leader his cut, but all he wanted was the treasure map.  The group was playing dumb and said they knew nothing of this map, so a fight broke out and when the leader of the guild died he turned in to a snake.

                The group is not on a pirate ship looking for a great treasure, and Chantel is going to get her own pirate Ship.   
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The New Clan

                While there is a new group in the clans, a rouge,  a barbarian and a mage.
The adventure was short this week, the rouge wanted to join the thief’s guild so we took a job.  The job was to steal the horn of the bull.  We took the job not knowing what was going to happen.
                When we found the temple of the bull we decided to take out three guards and take their rings so we could pass as members of the temple.  When we got in to the temple the rings started to burn us and the members in the temple including Par the King.
                We found out that the temple was a men’s club so I could not join for my barbarian is female. But the other two took the test to get in and are now members of the temple of the Bull, and can not still the horn because they have promised to not do so.
                So we either have to find a different job or find a new way to get it.  I feel that even if the other two know it was going to be taken they would have to kill the person or people that were doing it, so we have to find something to do.
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Vikings Vs. The Darkones

      Today we did a one shot Viking game.  It was a lot of fun, I missed one fight because I got to the game store early and then left because no one showed up.  When I got there they were already in a fight the ship.
      The story started with the Vikings getting on there ships to raid a monastery that was loaded with gold and stuff that would bring them much wealth.  Because I was late Elfrun was not on the main ship with everyone else when our ships were attacked.
      The ship that Elfrun was not able to over come the attack and the ship went down, and many a good men died, the same fate fall upon the other ship, in the morning the four Vikings found themselves on a beach somewhere far from the distance they could see a small village that did not have any walls around it.
      As we got closer to the village we could see that there was one Viking ship in the harbor, and that the church did not have a cross on it, as we went to the village we found an gold statue of some weird fish thing, Elfrun knock it over, that was a bad idea because after she did that she was cursed. At this point we decided that we would hang out while our rouge scouted out the village.  He came back with very bad news.  The village is made of the fish people that we were attacked by.
      We had to go to the village because we could hear human voice screaming form the church, We made our way in to the village and then to the church, as we came to the church there were three cultist that ran away when they saw us coming.  We broke through the door at the church and found that about six cultist and two clerics sacrificing our Viking brothers, after a good fight and the rouge almost dying we were able to save most of them, some got turned in to undead, and we had to fight them but it is all in a days work for that amount of gold we got from them.
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B1 and the Green Slime

      Last night I started working on the third part of the Castles and Crusades game that I am running.  I am writing the B1 adventure form Dungeons and Dragons.  I will run all the modules in the B set, while I am writing my adventure The City of Alice.
      I have made it through the first nine rooms.  I have added three monsters so far and one treasure.  So lets get in to it.  At the start of the adventure there are five dead bodies three of them were adventures and two were guards.  I turned the two guards in to undead monsters.  in the Kitchen I have added some giant Rats ok there are 75 giant rats.  In the Dinning Hall I have turned the green mold in to some Green Slime. 
      I am looking to see what happens when the party finds the cat in the jar, in the Wizards lab.  There is still alot of work to do so we will get there and I need to start working on The City of Alice.
Posted on March 6, 2014 .

Motard the God Slayer!

      Before I tell you about Motard the God Slayer, I have come to a cross road.  This is the last post for the game I have been playing in, but there will be an other at some point.  The next Crypts and Things game will be played by Motard so I to share that with you but again I don't know when the game will be.Now then to the cross road, do I shut this blog down and wait for the next game or do I turn this blog in to the blog for my new Castles and Crusades game that I am running?
      Now that you know this is the last blog, lets get it on.  The group as all the stuff it needs to summon the Angle of Oblivion, and the Zombie army is just about to the city walls.  When the first attack comes the city is able to hold for the most part.  When night fall comes the Hero's decided to make the first move and attack the camp.  There was a group of mages that were controlling the undead so that was the target.  We made our way through a small group of zombies and skeletons and three or four priests and mages with no trouble and then we found a larger group of mages that were not ready for an attack so they were in the perfect spot to be hit with a fireball.  our Vodo Mage/witch killed most of the mages with her fireball but the rest of the group had some work to do.  After the living was taken care of it was time to set fire to the wall of zombies and set them to roam the camp and set fire to what ever they could.
      With the mages dead and the zombies on fire causing trouble for the camp our hero's made their way back to the city to get some rest before the final show down between the forces of evil and the forces of what ever the group was.  The plan for the final battle was to summon the Angle when the time was right so the white mage Zardus and the Vodo lady would be doing that, while the rest of us protected them, with the note that if Durs Kos showed up Motard would kill him and Zardus would trap his soul so the evil forces could not get him back.  
      As we formed our protective line one of the minions we had attacked the white mage, some tried to attack but where not able to hit so Motard attack having the mark and was able to hit the enemy for it was a face stealer demon.  After the face stealer was dead a portal opened just in front of where we were trying to summon the angle.  The first thing to come out was a demon that traveled with Red Plague Zombies Motard and the rouge focused on killing the demon and everyone else killed the zombies.
      Then some other kind of demon came out of the gate, I don't remember what kind it was but it was not good just being around it could kill a person and it did, it took out about a third of the troops we had on our team.  Finally after the death of this last demon Darus Kos and Ragnus came through the portal, and it was game on.  Motard knowing that he was no mach for the man god attack Darus, and it did not take long for Motard to be victories, then he decided that if he was going to die in battle he might as while make the most of it and attack the Man God.  Plus if he didn't the rouge was going to die.  Motard made contact with the "god" and did some damage the mark that Motard carried was going to get him through this battle.  Finally the angle was summoned killing the rest of the troops we had and making an attack on the man god.  The final blow came from Motard the backbreaker his anger and strength being so much that his attack cut the man god in two and thus Motard the Backbreaker is now know through the land as Motard the God Slayer.  
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A New Hero

      This one is going to be short.  It is about motard returning home to seek aid form his tribe in fighting the evil that has befell the world.   When Motard got to his home the people were not happy to see him and would not speak to him.
      Motard went to his family house to find that his parents would still speak with him.  The city had be invade by Derus Kon and a wizards that was charming the king of the barbarians.  Motard challenged Derus to a fight  for the honor of the village.  Motard would almost die but would defined the village from the evil and get the king to lead the barbarian army against the evil that is coming.
Posted on November 4, 2013 .

A sad day.

      It was to be a day of killing zombies and what ever else we found, while looking for Zardus.  But instead I spent most of the day in the ER with my wife.  I was not able to get much out of Casey about what happen so I guess we will have to wait two weeks


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The day of the Demon

      I have not been to this game since June, so it is time to get back in to it.  There are two new cast members that I can not remember so I will have those next time, but Casey is playing a fighter and Adam is playing a thief.
      What do you get when a Demon, a Lich and two mages take over the city palace?  You get a half dead Motard the is ready to fight any thing.  That is what you get.
      One of the things that I missed was that the city was over run, by Zombies, reports say that they might have come from the city from the east, you know the one that we left because it was taken over by the poor of the city.  The House of the Dragon was over run by the zombies but Zurdas place of business.
      Today's game starts with us standing in front of the Palace which seemed to be the center of the zombie attack.  The plan was that the thief would climb up the wall and see what was going on and then we would make a plan of attack.  When he got to the top he found that the wall was covered by zombie's and one wizard.  While trying to climb down the thief fall, Motard helped him up and saw that he was wearing a ring to the bull.
      The plan became that everyone that had a ranged weapon would attack the wizard, while Motard would cut down the zombies.  each of us had five hired men that wore helping us take back the city.  When some of us got up the wall it did not take long for our plan to fall apart.  The zombies rushed everyone even the wizard moved in for melee against Motard.  All of Casey's hench men died in the fight on the wall, the thief lost two and Motard lost one, but we killed all the zombies and the wizard.  That was not the half of our problems because once these were dead we could look upon the palace grounds.
      From some where else Zardus lead the Eagle Clan to battle, we saw them approach the pavellen and all die. After that there was a Demon and more zombies, once again the plan was that Motard would charge in while everyone else shot arrows.  Then again the best lead plans of Mouse and Men fall apart because the thief also joined the fight withe the demon.  The Sword of the Green Dragon is a magic item that the thief had and decided that he was going to use it against the demon even though demon are not effected by poison, it was a good thing for the thief that Motard made is save.  the two of them were able to kill the demon but then the thief almost died  by the had of a wizard.
      Then came the final battle, what was in the pavellin?  the answer is more zombies and a Lich.  To start the battle Motard charged and killed a zombie because he could not reach the Lich.  The Lich dropped a fire ball on the hench men of Motard, and then killed the ones with the thief.  Casey took care of the zombies in this battle while Motard and the thief killed the Lich.  After the battle the hero's became even more rich as they took over the palace.  It was also time to figure out what the group was going to do, the city was gone and Zardus was gone and there is so much that needs to be answered so tune in next time to see what happens.
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Comic Con in Utah

      It has been a few weeks that I have written about motard, and we will have to wait two more weeks.  The next time we are to play we will all be at the Salt Lake Comic con.
      I am really excited about the con.  I will be putting stuff on youtube it will be on the Mrdragonfi channel.  and on the Podcast.
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A Week Off

      While this week, I am taking the family to Lagoon.  So I will not be playing in the game this weekend.  Don't be said you can see what happens at 
Posted on July 17, 2013 .

A mission for Gold and Magic

      Today our story beings with the hero's of the Dragon House finding a new person to join the party.  His name is Torvor, he is a thief.
      There was a man that was looking to hire the group to go and find a holy cup.  This cup is somewhere to the south.  He is going to pay us 3000 g.p up front plus 80% of the stuff we find on the trip, and then 3000 g.p . after we get home.  so of course Motard is all in, but Zordoz wants to know more about where were going and why and what.
      Before the group left, Zardoz wanted to so some studying his now dead mage friend.  When Zordoz started cutting in the body, it tried to attack him.  Now Zordoz has a zombie friend.  this might be fun. 
      So they set out, Zordoz but 200 lb. of rocks in a pack and had the new guy carry it, for no other reason then to see if he could do it.  It was great thing to see.
      On the way they came to a watering hole were three men were resting their horses.  The group talked to the group and found out that the Snake and the Eagle tribes are at war with each other.  And that the watering hole are peace zones and to fight there would bring the rather of the spirits.  Just as the two groups were getting ready to leave the watering hole, three giant scorpions attacked.  The group was warned not to get to close, but Motard and Luidas rushed right in.  It was not smart but not having ranged weapons, and Motard is not really the type to wait for something or someone to come to him.  The barbarian and the fighter were ok, but Seth took a hit from the poison and even though we was going to be ok he was going to be out for a while.  The men of the Eagle Claw clan said they would take care of him until we were done with our quest.
      When the group got to where they were going, Motard noticed some tracks of the very big things.  After waiting a bit to see what came out of the cave it was Giant Aps.  Zordaz had his men set up to shoot poison arrows at them when they came back and everyone else was just going fight with them.  The group took some damage but everyone was ok.
      Tune in next time to see if the group is able to make it to the magic item and then home.
Posted on July 3, 2013 .

A Magic Dagger

      This adventure starts with the Hero's of the Dragon House, coming back from a night of partying.  On the way home from the local bar or maybe the Bordello.  They came upon a group of thugs beating the crap out of some guy.  When the Hero's came to this  they were told to bug off, but like the hero's they are they did not go away but tried to save the day.  Zardoz cast sleep but it was not very effective so Motard, Ludaius, and Seth killed all of them but the one that ran away.  Seth followed him for a time to learn where he was going to go.  On the person that was killed by the thugs was a silver dagger.  It was a nice weapon so the Hero's took it so Zardoz could look in to what it really was.
      The next morning at breakfast Ludaius never showed up, so Motard went up to the room to see if he was not there, and after checking the main level Mortard went to the outside guard.  The guard reported that after we all turned in last night, Ludaius went out.  Motard decided that Ludaius is a big boy and can take care of himself, so if he is not back at dinner we will go looking for him.
      Now it was time to take care of the business that needed to be done on this day.  Motard was going to find a thief that he can hire to help the group, and Zardoz needing to find more hirlings.  While out looking for some one to hire Motard got a really bad feeling was about to happen, and when he turned around there was a man coming at him with a sword in one hand a dagger in the other shooting give me the dagger.  suffering from a hangover it took longer for Motard to kill this thief.  after the battle was over the guards had come but the locals told of how Motard did what he did to protect his life.  The guards were ok with the death of this thief because they were trying to find him so they could kill him.  So the guards told the story of one Ikthanabu Xal a mage that died about 60 years ago.
      Zardoz had people to hire so he spent is day send out messages to the city guards, and some other people.  He also got the Names of Talos the  brute, and Gray Eyes the hunter/tracker.  Zardoz was able to get some help and set up interviews for other jobs.  then it was time to go home for dinner.
      There was no Ludaius, so now Motard and Zordoz where starting to get uneasy.  While Zardoz went to meet Gray Eyes, Motard tried to track Ludaius.  Gray Eyes agreed to help find Ludaius,  and Mortad was able to track Ludaius was able to track Ludaius to The Square of the Green Peacock.  They got this information to Gray Eyes and then went home to wait.  In the morning we got a runner that Gray Eyes want to talk with us.  In this meeting he was pissed and want to know why we did not tell him that Ludaius was a spell caster.  While he is not a spell caster, but Gray Eyes had lost five men and was not able to get Ludaius so he gave us our money back,  but Zardoz give one third of it back because he was able to find Ludaius.  Gray Eyes gave us one of him men that knew how to get to Ludaius. so we got our crap, Zardoz meet with Talos and hired him, then we went to find Ludaius.
       At the Shrine of the Keepers, is where Ludaius is to be found.  Going down it to the Catacombs they group runs in to four ghouls.  The man from Grays Eyes got spooked because the ghouls were his mates, but the rest of the group cut them down rather fast.  Zardoz get after the guild for being a little girl, and then they moved on.  They came to an open where the guild said "This is where Ludaius is but I am not going in there again."  We told him that if he did not go in with us, he would be left out here by himself.  After Motard said he would go in first the guild said he would come in with us.  There were two more ghouls in the room, and as Motard moved in to kill them, the ghouls hit Motard and he was not able to move any more.  After the battle the Hero's heard the voice of Ludaius.  "Let me pass in Peace."  letting him out the group asked where he was going "That is only my business."  While you are our friend and you have traveled with us so it is our business.  After Ludaius did not responed to the group like he was part of it, the group know it was not him and asked who he was?  "I am Ikthanabu Xul"  the group asked if he needed Ludaius's body or if any  body would work.  in short any body would work so they took the guild and allowed Ikthanabu Xul to take it over and free Ludaius.
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