A mission for Gold and Magic

      Today our story beings with the hero's of the Dragon House finding a new person to join the party.  His name is Torvor, he is a thief.
      There was a man that was looking to hire the group to go and find a holy cup.  This cup is somewhere to the south.  He is going to pay us 3000 g.p up front plus 80% of the stuff we find on the trip, and then 3000 g.p . after we get home.  so of course Motard is all in, but Zordoz wants to know more about where were going and why and what.
      Before the group left, Zardoz wanted to so some studying his now dead mage friend.  When Zordoz started cutting in the body, it tried to attack him.  Now Zordoz has a zombie friend.  this might be fun. 
      So they set out, Zordoz but 200 lb. of rocks in a pack and had the new guy carry it, for no other reason then to see if he could do it.  It was great thing to see.
      On the way they came to a watering hole were three men were resting their horses.  The group talked to the group and found out that the Snake and the Eagle tribes are at war with each other.  And that the watering hole are peace zones and to fight there would bring the rather of the spirits.  Just as the two groups were getting ready to leave the watering hole, three giant scorpions attacked.  The group was warned not to get to close, but Motard and Luidas rushed right in.  It was not smart but not having ranged weapons, and Motard is not really the type to wait for something or someone to come to him.  The barbarian and the fighter were ok, but Seth took a hit from the poison and even though we was going to be ok he was going to be out for a while.  The men of the Eagle Claw clan said they would take care of him until we were done with our quest.
      When the group got to where they were going, Motard noticed some tracks of the very big things.  After waiting a bit to see what came out of the cave it was Giant Aps.  Zordaz had his men set up to shoot poison arrows at them when they came back and everyone else was just going fight with them.  The group took some damage but everyone was ok.
      Tune in next time to see if the group is able to make it to the magic item and then home.
Posted on July 3, 2013 .