Vikings Vs. The Darkones

      Today we did a one shot Viking game.  It was a lot of fun, I missed one fight because I got to the game store early and then left because no one showed up.  When I got there they were already in a fight the ship.
      The story started with the Vikings getting on there ships to raid a monastery that was loaded with gold and stuff that would bring them much wealth.  Because I was late Elfrun was not on the main ship with everyone else when our ships were attacked.
      The ship that Elfrun was not able to over come the attack and the ship went down, and many a good men died, the same fate fall upon the other ship, in the morning the four Vikings found themselves on a beach somewhere far from the distance they could see a small village that did not have any walls around it.
      As we got closer to the village we could see that there was one Viking ship in the harbor, and that the church did not have a cross on it, as we went to the village we found an gold statue of some weird fish thing, Elfrun knock it over, that was a bad idea because after she did that she was cursed. At this point we decided that we would hang out while our rouge scouted out the village.  He came back with very bad news.  The village is made of the fish people that we were attacked by.
      We had to go to the village because we could hear human voice screaming form the church, We made our way in to the village and then to the church, as we came to the church there were three cultist that ran away when they saw us coming.  We broke through the door at the church and found that about six cultist and two clerics sacrificing our Viking brothers, after a good fight and the rouge almost dying we were able to save most of them, some got turned in to undead, and we had to fight them but it is all in a days work for that amount of gold we got from them.
Posted on July 12, 2014 .