The New Clan

                While there is a new group in the clans, a rouge,  a barbarian and a mage.
The adventure was short this week, the rouge wanted to join the thief’s guild so we took a job.  The job was to steal the horn of the bull.  We took the job not knowing what was going to happen.
                When we found the temple of the bull we decided to take out three guards and take their rings so we could pass as members of the temple.  When we got in to the temple the rings started to burn us and the members in the temple including Par the King.
                We found out that the temple was a men’s club so I could not join for my barbarian is female. But the other two took the test to get in and are now members of the temple of the Bull, and can not still the horn because they have promised to not do so.
                So we either have to find a different job or find a new way to get it.  I feel that even if the other two know it was going to be taken they would have to kill the person or people that were doing it, so we have to find something to do.
Posted on February 28, 2015 .