Chantel a Virgin Pirate Godness

                The adventure started with Chantel and the thief getting a job and going to check out the target.  On the way the two of them were attacked, what really happen was that Chantel and the thief just happened to be there.
                After cutting one assassin in half the remaining four filled Chantel with arrows and she went down. The thief ran away and that was probably the right thing to do.  As he was taking off he heard the assassins screaming so he went back to see what was happening.  What was happening was some people had showed up and were trying to save Chantel.
                The new hero’s took Chantel to a temple, where they were able to healer a little then she the thief and the mage who finally showed up all found out that Chantel was a virgin goddess.  And the men saved her because of it.  The group decided that the mage and thief would go check out the tower that they had to break in to, and Chantel would stay at the temple.
                The next day they all meet back up, when the thief told Chantel that the people who attacked the night before were hired to kill her, and that it might be hard to get in to the tower that they were going to rob.  However that night after dinner Chantel, two of her followers and the two unbelievers set out to find the silk merchant and rob his tower.
                At the tower the mage cast a spell so he could find traps and he did, but the thief was not able to disable them, so the group had to climb up the tower the thief and one of Chantel’s followers went up first and then everyone else followed, and the top one of the followers was nowhere to be found.  When they opened the trap door, and jumped in, there was spider webs everywhere and one giant demon spider.
                The thief was the only one that could hit the demon, but Chantel’s second follower was going to die trying, and was really brave for his lady.  After the fight the group found the merchant; he had been killed by the spider.  Now it was time to search the house.
                They found a good amount of money, and some silk, and the best thing of all a treasure map.  It was time to go back to the thief’s guild and give them there cut.  When the group got to the guild they tried to give the leader his cut, but all he wanted was the treasure map.  The group was playing dumb and said they knew nothing of this map, so a fight broke out and when the leader of the guild died he turned in to a snake.

                The group is not on a pirate ship looking for a great treasure, and Chantel is going to get her own pirate Ship.   
Posted on March 21, 2015 .