A new Tale

                There is no Crypts and things game right now, so I thought would write about a new Northern Clan, that of Jak Podrus.  A Minotaur Paladin from the Ice Wind Dale.  This is going to be about a 4e game that I am playing in.               
I am going to go through each one of them at a time and you can really get to know them.
Cragh the Furious the Barbarian
Tarak     the Shaman
Eludisu the Rouge
Jak Podrus the Paladin
Wulengar the Druid
Lina the Fighter
Kenotra the Ranger
                There is going to be one more player, I will had her character on Sunday after I found out what she is playing.
                So there it is for now the new plan and the characters.

Posted on September 1, 2015 .