Motard the God Slayer!

      Before I tell you about Motard the God Slayer, I have come to a cross road.  This is the last post for the game I have been playing in, but there will be an other at some point.  The next Crypts and Things game will be played by Motard so I to share that with you but again I don't know when the game will be.Now then to the cross road, do I shut this blog down and wait for the next game or do I turn this blog in to the blog for my new Castles and Crusades game that I am running?
      Now that you know this is the last blog, lets get it on.  The group as all the stuff it needs to summon the Angle of Oblivion, and the Zombie army is just about to the city walls.  When the first attack comes the city is able to hold for the most part.  When night fall comes the Hero's decided to make the first move and attack the camp.  There was a group of mages that were controlling the undead so that was the target.  We made our way through a small group of zombies and skeletons and three or four priests and mages with no trouble and then we found a larger group of mages that were not ready for an attack so they were in the perfect spot to be hit with a fireball.  our Vodo Mage/witch killed most of the mages with her fireball but the rest of the group had some work to do.  After the living was taken care of it was time to set fire to the wall of zombies and set them to roam the camp and set fire to what ever they could.
      With the mages dead and the zombies on fire causing trouble for the camp our hero's made their way back to the city to get some rest before the final show down between the forces of evil and the forces of what ever the group was.  The plan for the final battle was to summon the Angle when the time was right so the white mage Zardus and the Vodo lady would be doing that, while the rest of us protected them, with the note that if Durs Kos showed up Motard would kill him and Zardus would trap his soul so the evil forces could not get him back.  
      As we formed our protective line one of the minions we had attacked the white mage, some tried to attack but where not able to hit so Motard attack having the mark and was able to hit the enemy for it was a face stealer demon.  After the face stealer was dead a portal opened just in front of where we were trying to summon the angle.  The first thing to come out was a demon that traveled with Red Plague Zombies Motard and the rouge focused on killing the demon and everyone else killed the zombies.
      Then some other kind of demon came out of the gate, I don't remember what kind it was but it was not good just being around it could kill a person and it did, it took out about a third of the troops we had on our team.  Finally after the death of this last demon Darus Kos and Ragnus came through the portal, and it was game on.  Motard knowing that he was no mach for the man god attack Darus, and it did not take long for Motard to be victories, then he decided that if he was going to die in battle he might as while make the most of it and attack the Man God.  Plus if he didn't the rouge was going to die.  Motard made contact with the "god" and did some damage the mark that Motard carried was going to get him through this battle.  Finally the angle was summoned killing the rest of the troops we had and making an attack on the man god.  The final blow came from Motard the backbreaker his anger and strength being so much that his attack cut the man god in two and thus Motard the Backbreaker is now know through the land as Motard the God Slayer.  
Posted on February 2, 2014 .