The day of the Demon

      I have not been to this game since June, so it is time to get back in to it.  There are two new cast members that I can not remember so I will have those next time, but Casey is playing a fighter and Adam is playing a thief.
      What do you get when a Demon, a Lich and two mages take over the city palace?  You get a half dead Motard the is ready to fight any thing.  That is what you get.
      One of the things that I missed was that the city was over run, by Zombies, reports say that they might have come from the city from the east, you know the one that we left because it was taken over by the poor of the city.  The House of the Dragon was over run by the zombies but Zurdas place of business.
      Today's game starts with us standing in front of the Palace which seemed to be the center of the zombie attack.  The plan was that the thief would climb up the wall and see what was going on and then we would make a plan of attack.  When he got to the top he found that the wall was covered by zombie's and one wizard.  While trying to climb down the thief fall, Motard helped him up and saw that he was wearing a ring to the bull.
      The plan became that everyone that had a ranged weapon would attack the wizard, while Motard would cut down the zombies.  each of us had five hired men that wore helping us take back the city.  When some of us got up the wall it did not take long for our plan to fall apart.  The zombies rushed everyone even the wizard moved in for melee against Motard.  All of Casey's hench men died in the fight on the wall, the thief lost two and Motard lost one, but we killed all the zombies and the wizard.  That was not the half of our problems because once these were dead we could look upon the palace grounds.
      From some where else Zardus lead the Eagle Clan to battle, we saw them approach the pavellen and all die. After that there was a Demon and more zombies, once again the plan was that Motard would charge in while everyone else shot arrows.  Then again the best lead plans of Mouse and Men fall apart because the thief also joined the fight withe the demon.  The Sword of the Green Dragon is a magic item that the thief had and decided that he was going to use it against the demon even though demon are not effected by poison, it was a good thing for the thief that Motard made is save.  the two of them were able to kill the demon but then the thief almost died  by the had of a wizard.
      Then came the final battle, what was in the pavellin?  the answer is more zombies and a Lich.  To start the battle Motard charged and killed a zombie because he could not reach the Lich.  The Lich dropped a fire ball on the hench men of Motard, and then killed the ones with the thief.  Casey took care of the zombies in this battle while Motard and the thief killed the Lich.  After the battle the hero's became even more rich as they took over the palace.  It was also time to figure out what the group was going to do, the city was gone and Zardus was gone and there is so much that needs to be answered so tune in next time to see what happens.
Posted on September 15, 2013 .