A Crown

                This week was kind of slow, one of the players really likes is job, and forgot about the game so we waited for him.
                This week we had to figure out what we were doing to do.  There is an army of bad guys coming to take over the city.  There is a new Cult that is growing and there is always the sunken city.  The last time we play I had found out that the reason the new cult was going so fast was because the person had the snake crown of mind control.
                The plan became get the crown.  The thief is becoming very fond of being turned invisible, and that makes sense he is a thief.  The problem is that it is a black magic spell, and the does not like using black magic.  He cast the spell any way.
                We found the man we were looking for in the middle of the street.  The thief go in for the kill and missed is first attack that is ok because Chantel missed her first attack too.  I hate when that happens because when I am first I could do a lot of damage.  The mage cast sleep, and then we found out the true power of the person we were fighting.  The bad guy counter with a lightning bolt, and killed our mage.  Sometimes it is good to have friends in low places, the mage and some kind of amulet that   allowed him to come back to live.  It was a good thing to because the other two of us died.

                It seems that next time we play Chantel is going to be killed by her own group.  In one of our games the group was told that she needs to be awaken, and know the other two players are very keen on killing her. We will see what happens.
Posted on June 7, 2015 .