A Magic Dagger

      This adventure starts with the Hero's of the Dragon House, coming back from a night of partying.  On the way home from the local bar or maybe the Bordello.  They came upon a group of thugs beating the crap out of some guy.  When the Hero's came to this  they were told to bug off, but like the hero's they are they did not go away but tried to save the day.  Zardoz cast sleep but it was not very effective so Motard, Ludaius, and Seth killed all of them but the one that ran away.  Seth followed him for a time to learn where he was going to go.  On the person that was killed by the thugs was a silver dagger.  It was a nice weapon so the Hero's took it so Zardoz could look in to what it really was.
      The next morning at breakfast Ludaius never showed up, so Motard went up to the room to see if he was not there, and after checking the main level Mortard went to the outside guard.  The guard reported that after we all turned in last night, Ludaius went out.  Motard decided that Ludaius is a big boy and can take care of himself, so if he is not back at dinner we will go looking for him.
      Now it was time to take care of the business that needed to be done on this day.  Motard was going to find a thief that he can hire to help the group, and Zardoz needing to find more hirlings.  While out looking for some one to hire Motard got a really bad feeling was about to happen, and when he turned around there was a man coming at him with a sword in one hand a dagger in the other shooting give me the dagger.  suffering from a hangover it took longer for Motard to kill this thief.  after the battle was over the guards had come but the locals told of how Motard did what he did to protect his life.  The guards were ok with the death of this thief because they were trying to find him so they could kill him.  So the guards told the story of one Ikthanabu Xal a mage that died about 60 years ago.
      Zardoz had people to hire so he spent is day send out messages to the city guards, and some other people.  He also got the Names of Talos the  brute, and Gray Eyes the hunter/tracker.  Zardoz was able to get some help and set up interviews for other jobs.  then it was time to go home for dinner.
      There was no Ludaius, so now Motard and Zordoz where starting to get uneasy.  While Zardoz went to meet Gray Eyes, Motard tried to track Ludaius.  Gray Eyes agreed to help find Ludaius,  and Mortad was able to track Ludaius was able to track Ludaius to The Square of the Green Peacock.  They got this information to Gray Eyes and then went home to wait.  In the morning we got a runner that Gray Eyes want to talk with us.  In this meeting he was pissed and want to know why we did not tell him that Ludaius was a spell caster.  While he is not a spell caster, but Gray Eyes had lost five men and was not able to get Ludaius so he gave us our money back,  but Zardoz give one third of it back because he was able to find Ludaius.  Gray Eyes gave us one of him men that knew how to get to Ludaius. so we got our crap, Zardoz meet with Talos and hired him, then we went to find Ludaius.
       At the Shrine of the Keepers, is where Ludaius is to be found.  Going down it to the Catacombs they group runs in to four ghouls.  The man from Grays Eyes got spooked because the ghouls were his mates, but the rest of the group cut them down rather fast.  Zardoz get after the guild for being a little girl, and then they moved on.  They came to an open where the guild said "This is where Ludaius is but I am not going in there again."  We told him that if he did not go in with us, he would be left out here by himself.  After Motard said he would go in first the guild said he would come in with us.  There were two more ghouls in the room, and as Motard moved in to kill them, the ghouls hit Motard and he was not able to move any more.  After the battle the Hero's heard the voice of Ludaius.  "Let me pass in Peace."  letting him out the group asked where he was going "That is only my business."  While you are our friend and you have traveled with us so it is our business.  After Ludaius did not responed to the group like he was part of it, the group know it was not him and asked who he was?  "I am Ikthanabu Xul"  the group asked if he needed Ludaius's body or if any  body would work.  in short any body would work so they took the guild and allowed Ikthanabu Xul to take it over and free Ludaius.
Posted on June 23, 2013 .