A Treasure map.

This week’s game was a good one that was full of thieving and man-bats.  The adventure starts with us on the boat our orders are to scout out, before we could go find the treasure.
We never really found out what the Captain and her group found, but while we were on our scouting mission we found shipwreck and some huts.  In searching the huts we did not find anything of worth, and the huts had been abandon for a really long time.  In the shipwreck we found that someone had left a picture of what looked like a man-bat.
After meeting back up with, the captain we started out in to the jungle to find our it was a trip and a half, we got lost once or twice, Chantel was not very good at finding her way. And each night we lost a man or two.  Some died at the hands of other men, others most likely at the hands at the man-bats.
We followed the map to a city, it was a very old city.  The front gates where open so we went in.  Most of the other pirates started sacking what they could, we keep going to the center of the city because that is what the map showed.  We found this very large building, there was a crack in the wall so we went in.  We found a very large pillar, and the rouge started to climb up when he found something.  He opened a secret in the tower, and the captain order her men to kill us.
There was a sword in the secret place, and the rouge tried to get and so did the captain, in the end of the fight Chantel, the rouge and most of the pirates all died.  I hate that in all the fights we have been in Chantel has died.  The sword is magic and wants to feed on someone’s blood.
There was one more magic item a crown, that when Chantel put it on she felt like she could command everyone to do what she wanted them to do.  I came in handy when we got back to the boat and some of the men did not believe the captain dead.  The only problem was that when she used it to command she lost five points of wisdom damage.
Posted on March 29, 2015 .