The Unknow Succubus and the end of Level 3

Ladies and Gents I am excited to share this blog with you today, for it is twofold.  The first is that, I was able to finish the third level of the Dungeon in the academy, so we are now working on the Intellect devour, that will be fun.  The second is to show you the shirt that I have chosen for the blog here at Neveragain.  So let’s get in to it.

                The Neverwinter game.  Because I have given out a lot of Treasure and there is still more to go in the spring setting of the Game, I made rooms 27-30 empty.  Room 26 the main Bad Boss.  In this room there is a woman on an alter and some monsters, 2 Yuan-ti’s and 5 snake people.  I have given some of them the Spell Plague, and the Yuan-ti sharp shooter has magic arrows and a magic long bow, so that should be fun, we will see what happens with the party.

                I think it is still going to be some time before the group gets to this part of the game, even playing for five hours every week.  They are just about to leave the House of Knowledge, so they will have the Red Wizards to fight, and then we will see what happens at Andru’s house and the Green Dragon attack.  

                Now the second part.  If you have read any of the other blogs, you have seen that Southgate Media now has a deal with Tee Public a tee shirt company.  This shirt is what I have chosen for this blog.  So when you go to the website and buy it I am able to get a cut of the pie, now we are starting to build our Pirate ship, and that is great,

                The link for the shirt is here. 

Tee Public Dragon Fairy Shirt

   There is not a link straight to the shirt yet, but when there is I will send it out, and you can check out some of the other shirts on the site.

Posted on November 5, 2015 .

Demons and Clerics

                This week, we fought the crazy old man again in the Vault.  This time the players tried to take out the ward, trap so they could get through the door and fight the old man.  The fight was not as epic this time.  I am thinking I am going to edit this fight.  There was only two traps and him, so I need some monsters and or some traps.
                We had to get a new player ready so again we did not spend too much time playing.  The players only had one more fight, with the spine devils, one of the devils got away, so maybe he will come back, but I am thinking that I am going to change the floor plan for that.
                I am going to get some more work done, on the game this week so for now it is time to go.

Posted on November 1, 2015 .

The organ and a Bonus Game

                I was hoping to get some writing done on the game today, but I cannot find any of my writing tools, so I guess this blog will just be about what happen last week in the game.
                We got a bonus game on Friday night.  We spent most of that time getting the new guy reading to go. He was going to play a Human Warlord, and that was going to be good because the party needs more healing.  I added a new house rule to any one joining the group after this game and that is that anyone joining the group has to create a character that is at least unaligned because the mean part of the group are playing evil characters.
                The guy that was playing the Warlord was really fun to game with, but he works on Sunday mornings so we was not able to stay with us.  So now I am looking for more players again.
                After we got the Warlord done, it was time to game.  There was one more fight that we had to do on level one.  There was a Dragon born, two town guards and two female bandits, it was not much of a fight the group was able to take care of them pretty fast.
                They were able to get down to level two, but there was maybe only one hour left of game time so they did not get very far.  They did find the book that tries to suck out the souls of the reader.  It was kind of fun, and I think I am going to keep it in the game, but I was not able to get the warlocks soul because I missed on the attack.
                I was able to screw with my group a little because at some point they remembered one of the things they are looking for was an organ, and maybe the one they found was the one they were looking for.  They became hell bent on finding it so when they got down to the second level I started playing some music and they thought they were headed in the right direction.
                During the Saturday night game they, found the encounter for the two giant spiders, and the main boss fight.  They still had a lot of level to explore but they wanted to fight the bad guy.  It really is a good thing I was not rolling the trap as I had made it.  If I understand right an elite version of the trap I was using would do 8d6+8 points of damage, and that is a lot for the 4d6+4 that it was doing just about killed the group. And that is how that night ended so until next week keep gaming.

Posted on October 28, 2015 .

The evilness and The House

                Well so far the test play on Roll20, is turning out ok.  It amazes me how things can change from one group to the other.  This group is all evil except the new Paladin, and he is just Unaligned. They are just looking for things to kill and treasure.  That is fine for this group but they might miss stuff that I want them to find.
                They found the room with the Magical Organ, and just left it. So they might have lost the money for that.  There is always the chance they could find it in the Mega dungeon.
                They fought the book worm, and that was a good fight I was able to use all the powers, I even got to sallow one of the players, the group killed the worm before the paladin died.  I think I am going to see about making it a little more hard hitting, right now it is +5 to hit, but I am thinking maybe somewhere between 7 and 8.
                I have to change some of the other battles like the fey knight and the Minotaur.  I think I am just going to replace the Minotaur with something else, and the fey knight I will just add to it, we will see what happen.
                So there is one more fight and the first level will be clear just a little bit more treasure for the first level and then the get to see the madness of the Vault.  I am really excited about that.  Right now that boss fight is just a mage from the Monster Vault, but I am thinking about making him an NPC form the Players hand book 1.
                Well I think that is about it, so we will what happens next week.

Posted on October 18, 2015 .

Let's kill them all, and going to the House

                Neverwinter on Roll20, seems to be working out ok.  There are some map issues but those might go away next week when I am able to upgrade my account to the pro level.
                Last night I only had three people so up, but it was fun.  One of the characters is a spell scared harbinger, so I am going to play with that, and it should be fun.  One of the players has said he is a cultist but have not heard back from him so I don’t know what I am going to do with that yet.
                It did not take long before they started in with the whole let’s kill them all, so we will see were they go with that, I really hope they don’t start killing everyone that moves, then I am just going to have to send them to Ravenloft or make them the bad guys and have to create some hero’s to take them down.
                I will spend this week working on getting new stuff written, and getting the map of the House of Knowledge up on roll20 I think it is going to work out just fine.  I have started making the changes for the second draft, the list of artifacts is down to three, and the money is lower.  I also find that one of the fights I have in the opening part of the game is six minions so I need to change that to have at least three non-minions
                I am just about to write the battle of the Yan-Ti, and then it will be on to level four in which the brain monster.  That will be good I am thinking that I am going to have a few encounters with the Dopolgangers and maybe one can get in to the party.
                After the group is done in that Chasm, it will be on to the pirate island, and it is going to be fun there, there will be one attack by the little green dragon, and on the island there is going to be fun, and war between two churches, and they will find and maybe rebuild the Red Dragon Airship.

Posted on October 4, 2015 .

A New Game

I will be running a new Neverwinter game, maybe this time we can get it done, and I will be writing more so my players don’t have to wait.
                I learned something new I always thought the city ran north to South, but you can see it runs east to West.
                So far in the game I have two shardminds, a Telfling and a werewolf.  I am hoping to add two more players.  One of the Shardminds has said that he is a cultist so I am going to play with that I am hoping that he is part of the Dragon cult, but I can come up with whatever.
                If I am able to get enough players, I won’t have to have the dwarf’s do too much to get the players going.  Thought would be kind of nice.
                While I think that is it for the update.

Posted on September 20, 2015 .

Still not Done

                I was hoping to get done with level three of the academy this weekend, but with sick kids I was not able to get that done.  I was able to get some done.
                I am now up to room 17, Some of the rooms were easy, for I put nothing in them, but one of the rooms has some ritual books in it, and other books worth some money, and one room belongs to a member of a ranger group I created for another game so I decided to use that in this game. It is short but that is all I have this week.

Posted on September 7, 2015 .

Treasure and Mimics

            I have got some writing on the game done, and will get some more done when I am done with this blog. 
            So between last night, 8/28/2015 and today 8/29/15 I have done about four more rooms.  The reason to only doing four rooms is that I have got a lot of stuff in each room.
            In one of the rooms I have two mages, there guards and some pets.  One thing I am going to have to add in the second draft is, I forgot to write down how much the carpet was worth.  It is not worth too much but it is still worth something.
            The first treasure room, is a set up for the second treasure room.  I was thinking to myself that I want to get some mimics in this level, but there have been enough monsters and traps in the level that they might be a little weary that it could be a trap.  In treasure room one, there are eight chest for of good stuff.  Then in treasure room two boom 11 chest six of them are mimics.
            This encounter with the mimic, is the sixth encounter on this level that means if I stick to the plan I have one more encounter not counting the one with the Yan-ti.  I am not sure what I am going to do with that encounter, but there are many more rooms before they get to the Yan-ti.
            On aside note I am thinking about getting a pro account on roll20 and then I am going to go looking for players, to test play the never winter game.  And I think that is it for today.

Posted on August 29, 2015 .

Vampire Attack

For the next week I am going to be hitting the writing hard.  Today I was thinking about the Yan-Ti that are in this level of the game I am working on right now.  My thought was that it is my game so I am going to do what I want, and if the players can’t handle the fights they can bug out and come back.
                Then I started looking at them and they are level 13, I know I have talked about this before, but I am thinking that the group will be somewhere between level 5-8 so the monster’s they should be fight are between level 8-12. So I am just short of not killing the group.  I also got thinking that the idea of this level is to get the heart of the Yan-Ti, so maybe there should only be one encounter of Yan-it’s.
                To make up for this I have but an encounter with a vampire and it’s minions so that should be fun, there is also so far an encounter with some Angels of Valor one of them has a magic longsword.
                While it is shot today but there might be one everyday so there you go.

Posted on August 26, 2015 .

A worm

Look at this cute little book worm, what could possible happen?  Maybe nothing,
But if we turn to the Monstrous Compendium Volume One, we can see what can happen.  They are a rare monster that can be found anywhere.   They come in groups of 10-40 and they eat thought magic scrolls at a speed of 1 spell level per round.
That is about it, so attacks or anything like that.  I am still going to use some of the things in this monster to make the second draft of my Book Worm monster that can eat creatures that might come in to its liar.

Posted on August 22, 2015 .

Why did it have to be snakes?

                I have started working on level 3 on the Neverwinter Academy.  In this level the players have to get the fangs of a Yun-ti. 
                I have mapped out the level, and now I am adding monsters and treasure.  I have done one encounter and that is what I am going to share with you today.  I wanted to add one Yun-ti to the fight but when I went to look at what kind I was going to use, I found something that kind of shocked me.
                So the 4th edition on page 269 of the Monster Manual the weakest Yan-Ti, is level 13.  That is crazy that means the only Yan-ti the players are going to fight is the main bad guy.  If I am right by the time they get to the part of the building, they are only going to be level 8.
                I think there is a chance that a group of level 8 players could handle, A Yun-ti, but if took on more than one, they would level up way faster than they should.  I might have more when they get to Pirate Island, the Yun-Ti could be one of the tribes that is fighting for their church.
                In the 3.5 edition on page 263 of the Monster Manual, the Yan-ti, is a CR: 3.  When my group was playing in the Free port games we fought a few Yun-ti’s and I know they were not a level 13 monster, so I wonder why such a change was made, between the two editions.
                I really want to have the players meet a few in this level of the game, so I am just going to have to figure it out.  I am now starting to think that maybe I will change the levels so the Yan-ti is last.  But there you have it.

Posted on July 6, 2015 .

Level 2

                This is level two of the Neverwinter academy.  In this level the players have to get the heart of a dryad.  This is the main battle of this level, 1 dryad, a wizards, and 4 knights.  I think it is going to be great.
                There is a treasure room, and with all the treasure there is about 20,000 g.p.  When I built the room I put 6 mimics in the room.  Each Mimic has treasure built for a character class, I know that there might not be that player in the group but that is ok, those who are in the group can sell what they find.
                There are two traps on this level, one is the swinging blade, the second is a glyph of warding, and I like the swinging blade trap I use that a lot.  This will be the first time I am using the glyph.  I don’t know how it will work out, but that is why you test play.
                I think I remember that in the DMG, it states that a character should level up every 8 encounters.  There are seven encounters in this level, so they will level up at the start of level three unless they just leveled up, I don’t remember what was on level one.  When I do the second draft I will try to make sure they level up twice while they are in the academy.
                There you have it.

Posted on July 3, 2015 .

It is Time

It has not yet been 24 hours since I turned in my final in class paper, now I have two months to finish my final dissertation that means I will have a little more time to work on the Neverwinter game.  I will get some of it done to night when I get my other blogs done.
                The play by post game is going good, the players have formed to groups, the two dragonborns have not posted for some time so they are just hanging out in one room, and the other group has just meet the new player.  A dwarven rouge.
                So we will see what happens, I will get right to level 2 of the Neverwinter academy.  I have only done seven rooms and have many more to go.  I will have a lot of fun when I get to the garden room.

                While that is it for this time but next time there will be much to share.
Posted on April 19, 2015 .

A Place of Learning.

      So it is time to update you on Neverwinter game.  The players are finally at and inside the House of Knowledge.  They are meeting the new player right now.  The new player is a dragon born bard.
      I have only done a little bit of writing this week.  I am going to get a lot done this coming week.  I problem I am having is that I don't want to keep using the same items over and over again.  I am building a wizards room but only have healing potions.  So I will just keep on keeping on, and then will fix it in the second draft.

Posted on January 11, 2015 .

No Clock

         I did not get to this blog last week and that is ok, because now I have more to write about.  I am still thinking about what I am going to do with the artifacts, I am pretty sure that I am going to keep them in the game.  I just need to change the value of them.  Right now the organ is in the House of Knowledge, but I think that I am going to move it to the sewers when I do the Mega-dungeon.
            I took out the Clock Tower; I felt that there was not enough to work with.  Now I know I could have made stuff to work with, however I already have a tower to put in to the city.  Plus I don’t want to use everything in the book; I want most of it to be my own stuff. 
            That is why I have gone back to working on the Academy.  I have change the fourth level the purple worm is way too powerful, they now have to get the hair of Dryad, and the heart of a Yan-ti, but level four is the only one that has to be redone. 
            I really that they go for the cure. However after they do their time on the way, they are free to go to Pirate Island.  I am thinking I am going to but a broken dragon ship on the island, I am thinking blue or red maybe.  When the players were at Andru’s house he said something about their airship being taken by the paladin in there group so we will see what happens.
            I am also thinking about having two tribes on the island.  These two tribes are going to be at war with each other, I am looking at a fire tribe and I don’t know about the second, I am not going to make it a water tribe.  If I used some kind of earth tribe, that would be able to tie in to the earth dragon that is the big bad for this season.
Posted on December 21, 2014 .

Money Problems

      While I only spent 15 min working on the game during the week.  I was able to stay out late on Saturday night and get some stuff done.  I was able to get the encounters done, that the player will face, on their way to the Inn of a Thousand Faces.
            Two of the encounters are with orcs, the other one is with the Red Wizards.  I have one wizard and some skeletons, that is going to be a fun battle.  The other battles are going to be good too.  The first encounter I have just used an encounter group from the MM I.
            While I was working on getting the players to the clock tower, I realized that I might have a problem.  One of the artifacts that the players are looking for, is in the House of Knowledge and is worth 50,000 g.p.  I think if have a few ways to deal with this, one of them being that with the organ is done playing it’s song it teleports to a new place.  However this is a test play and I might just take it out when I work on the second draft. Or I will lower the value of the item.
            So the next big this is the clock tower and the Many Arrow Orc’s I have been thinking about what I can do with the tower, I am thinking maybe 7 levels to the top.  I would also like to see a big fight with maybe 20 of the orc’s I think that would be fun.  Most of them would have to be minion’s.   
Posted on November 30, 2014 .

it is done

      While after writing last night for about 2 hours, I have finished the Vault area of the House of Knowledge.  Now it is time to write about the Red Wizards and the attack from the Many-Arrow orc and then an attack from a Green Dragon.
      The play by post gamin is going really good.  The group is on there way to meet the wizard Andru and learn about the artifacts that might help them.  The just got done fighting some orc's and things are already going better, one of the players said they search the dead bodies.
Posted on November 16, 2014 .

A new game

      While there was very little done this week in writing, I will get some done when I have taken care of all my blogs.  However I have started a new Neverwinter game.  This time we are playing by post, I have created a facebook group for it.
      Thorin he is a Half-Dwarf  Bruin his is bear
      Xioang is a Telifling
      Blane is undead
      Alrich is an Elf
      The players are just getting to the part where they are introducing each other so the post is short today.
Posted on November 9, 2014 .

The Vault

      I have not spent a whole lot of time this past week working on the game, but I have done some things.  Here is what I have done. 
      In the Third room there is a book that the players are going to have to choose sell the book that is worth a lot money or have ritual that ever go away.  That really is the high light of the week, so there will be even more next week as I finish the vault.
Posted on October 20, 2014 .

The Book Worm

      For the last two weeks I have been able to work alot on the game.  I have finished the first level of the House of Knowledge.  I have also mapped out the vault and have started working on the detail of the area.
      The high light of the upper level is the monster I have created.  I call it the Book Worm, it is a level 5 solo monster. This is the monster it is a good thing this is the first draft because I forgot some things that are kind of important.

Book Worm      Level 5 Solo
Medium Natural Beast      1,000 XP
Initi: +3     Senses: Perception +2 ; Blindsight, All-around vision
HP: 170 Bloodied 85 see also Spell Plague
AC:20 Fort 25
Posted on October 12, 2014 .