No Clock

         I did not get to this blog last week and that is ok, because now I have more to write about.  I am still thinking about what I am going to do with the artifacts, I am pretty sure that I am going to keep them in the game.  I just need to change the value of them.  Right now the organ is in the House of Knowledge, but I think that I am going to move it to the sewers when I do the Mega-dungeon.
            I took out the Clock Tower; I felt that there was not enough to work with.  Now I know I could have made stuff to work with, however I already have a tower to put in to the city.  Plus I don’t want to use everything in the book; I want most of it to be my own stuff. 
            That is why I have gone back to working on the Academy.  I have change the fourth level the purple worm is way too powerful, they now have to get the hair of Dryad, and the heart of a Yan-ti, but level four is the only one that has to be redone. 
            I really that they go for the cure. However after they do their time on the way, they are free to go to Pirate Island.  I am thinking I am going to but a broken dragon ship on the island, I am thinking blue or red maybe.  When the players were at Andru’s house he said something about their airship being taken by the paladin in there group so we will see what happens.
            I am also thinking about having two tribes on the island.  These two tribes are going to be at war with each other, I am looking at a fire tribe and I don’t know about the second, I am not going to make it a water tribe.  If I used some kind of earth tribe, that would be able to tie in to the earth dragon that is the big bad for this season.
Posted on December 21, 2014 .