Treasure and Mimics

            I have got some writing on the game done, and will get some more done when I am done with this blog. 
            So between last night, 8/28/2015 and today 8/29/15 I have done about four more rooms.  The reason to only doing four rooms is that I have got a lot of stuff in each room.
            In one of the rooms I have two mages, there guards and some pets.  One thing I am going to have to add in the second draft is, I forgot to write down how much the carpet was worth.  It is not worth too much but it is still worth something.
            The first treasure room, is a set up for the second treasure room.  I was thinking to myself that I want to get some mimics in this level, but there have been enough monsters and traps in the level that they might be a little weary that it could be a trap.  In treasure room one, there are eight chest for of good stuff.  Then in treasure room two boom 11 chest six of them are mimics.
            This encounter with the mimic, is the sixth encounter on this level that means if I stick to the plan I have one more encounter not counting the one with the Yan-ti.  I am not sure what I am going to do with that encounter, but there are many more rooms before they get to the Yan-ti.
            On aside note I am thinking about getting a pro account on roll20 and then I am going to go looking for players, to test play the never winter game.  And I think that is it for today.

Posted on August 29, 2015 .