The Book Worm

      For the last two weeks I have been able to work alot on the game.  I have finished the first level of the House of Knowledge.  I have also mapped out the vault and have started working on the detail of the area.
      The high light of the upper level is the monster I have created.  I call it the Book Worm, it is a level 5 solo monster. This is the monster it is a good thing this is the first draft because I forgot some things that are kind of important.

Book Worm      Level 5 Solo
Medium Natural Beast      1,000 XP
Initi: +3     Senses: Perception +2 ; Blindsight, All-around vision
HP: 170 Bloodied 85 see also Spell Plague
AC:20 Fort 25
Posted on October 12, 2014 .