Money Problems

      While I only spent 15 min working on the game during the week.  I was able to stay out late on Saturday night and get some stuff done.  I was able to get the encounters done, that the player will face, on their way to the Inn of a Thousand Faces.
            Two of the encounters are with orcs, the other one is with the Red Wizards.  I have one wizard and some skeletons, that is going to be a fun battle.  The other battles are going to be good too.  The first encounter I have just used an encounter group from the MM I.
            While I was working on getting the players to the clock tower, I realized that I might have a problem.  One of the artifacts that the players are looking for, is in the House of Knowledge and is worth 50,000 g.p.  I think if have a few ways to deal with this, one of them being that with the organ is done playing it’s song it teleports to a new place.  However this is a test play and I might just take it out when I work on the second draft. Or I will lower the value of the item.
            So the next big this is the clock tower and the Many Arrow Orc’s I have been thinking about what I can do with the tower, I am thinking maybe 7 levels to the top.  I would also like to see a big fight with maybe 20 of the orc’s I think that would be fun.  Most of them would have to be minion’s.   
Posted on November 30, 2014 .