A New Game

I will be running a new Neverwinter game, maybe this time we can get it done, and I will be writing more so my players don’t have to wait.
                I learned something new I always thought the city ran north to South, but you can see it runs east to West.
                So far in the game I have two shardminds, a Telfling and a werewolf.  I am hoping to add two more players.  One of the Shardminds has said that he is a cultist so I am going to play with that I am hoping that he is part of the Dragon cult, but I can come up with whatever.
                If I am able to get enough players, I won’t have to have the dwarf’s do too much to get the players going.  Thought would be kind of nice.
                While I think that is it for the update.

Posted on September 20, 2015 .