The organ and a Bonus Game

                I was hoping to get some writing done on the game today, but I cannot find any of my writing tools, so I guess this blog will just be about what happen last week in the game.
                We got a bonus game on Friday night.  We spent most of that time getting the new guy reading to go. He was going to play a Human Warlord, and that was going to be good because the party needs more healing.  I added a new house rule to any one joining the group after this game and that is that anyone joining the group has to create a character that is at least unaligned because the mean part of the group are playing evil characters.
                The guy that was playing the Warlord was really fun to game with, but he works on Sunday mornings so we was not able to stay with us.  So now I am looking for more players again.
                After we got the Warlord done, it was time to game.  There was one more fight that we had to do on level one.  There was a Dragon born, two town guards and two female bandits, it was not much of a fight the group was able to take care of them pretty fast.
                They were able to get down to level two, but there was maybe only one hour left of game time so they did not get very far.  They did find the book that tries to suck out the souls of the reader.  It was kind of fun, and I think I am going to keep it in the game, but I was not able to get the warlocks soul because I missed on the attack.
                I was able to screw with my group a little because at some point they remembered one of the things they are looking for was an organ, and maybe the one they found was the one they were looking for.  They became hell bent on finding it so when they got down to the second level I started playing some music and they thought they were headed in the right direction.
                During the Saturday night game they, found the encounter for the two giant spiders, and the main boss fight.  They still had a lot of level to explore but they wanted to fight the bad guy.  It really is a good thing I was not rolling the trap as I had made it.  If I understand right an elite version of the trap I was using would do 8d6+8 points of damage, and that is a lot for the 4d6+4 that it was doing just about killed the group. And that is how that night ended so until next week keep gaming.

Posted on October 28, 2015 .