The Unknow Succubus and the end of Level 3

Ladies and Gents I am excited to share this blog with you today, for it is twofold.  The first is that, I was able to finish the third level of the Dungeon in the academy, so we are now working on the Intellect devour, that will be fun.  The second is to show you the shirt that I have chosen for the blog here at Neveragain.  So let’s get in to it.

                The Neverwinter game.  Because I have given out a lot of Treasure and there is still more to go in the spring setting of the Game, I made rooms 27-30 empty.  Room 26 the main Bad Boss.  In this room there is a woman on an alter and some monsters, 2 Yuan-ti’s and 5 snake people.  I have given some of them the Spell Plague, and the Yuan-ti sharp shooter has magic arrows and a magic long bow, so that should be fun, we will see what happens with the party.

                I think it is still going to be some time before the group gets to this part of the game, even playing for five hours every week.  They are just about to leave the House of Knowledge, so they will have the Red Wizards to fight, and then we will see what happens at Andru’s house and the Green Dragon attack.  

                Now the second part.  If you have read any of the other blogs, you have seen that Southgate Media now has a deal with Tee Public a tee shirt company.  This shirt is what I have chosen for this blog.  So when you go to the website and buy it I am able to get a cut of the pie, now we are starting to build our Pirate ship, and that is great,

                The link for the shirt is here. 

Tee Public Dragon Fairy Shirt

   There is not a link straight to the shirt yet, but when there is I will send it out, and you can check out some of the other shirts on the site.

Posted on November 5, 2015 .