Moving up the pole.

                I have to admit I am really working to get the Neverwinter game out, so there has not been much on this project, but I am going to the public library to see if they have a copy of Alice in Wonderland, and if they don’t my sister in law does so I will start reading that soon, and when I am with Neverwinter I am going to get this game setting done.

                Now let’s get to the real cool reason for the blog today.  Being a part of the

Southgate Media group I just found out about this really cool deal that they have with TeePublic, a Tee Shirt company, and I have chosen one shirt from this site to be the face of Wonderland and the Hero’s.

                The Picture in this blog is a ladies shirt and is the Red one, but you can pick any color for men or women alike.  Here is the link,

Tee Public - Nightfall Tee: The Dragon Variation

                So now off with their heads.

Posted on November 3, 2015 .

The Time is Coming

                Now that I have been able to get tome hex paper, I am getting closer to getting the world of Wonderland drawn up and built.  I am going to build the world myself and use the things I like from the Grim Fairy Tales comic books, but I am really thinking that I would like to buy the Dungeons and Dragons world builder book just to see what they have in it.
                Now that I have been able to get tome hex paper, I am getting closer to getting the world of Wonderland drawn up and built.  I am going to build the world myself and use the things I like from the Grim Fairy Tales comic books, but I am really thinking that I would like to buy the Dungeons and Dragons world builder book just to see what they have in it.
                 I am not sure how big I want to make the world.  The 5th edition game shows where the southern part of the world is, but there is nothing there.  So I would have to not only show what was there but if something was there I would have to work it out.  My friend know what is there he just has not gotten to it, so I cannot pick on him too much.
                I need to come up with city name for the place where the Queen of Clubs and the Queen of Diamonds.  The Queen of Hearts lives in Cardington.  It is going to be a port city.  There is going to be one thing I have to fix, when I was writing it for my C&C I had a troll den south east from the city but that would be in the ocean.
                I just of got the name of the city in which the Queen of spades lives, but it is going to be in the Mountains.  When I was playing the 1st edition game this is where I started the group and I was looking forward to having them go through the mountain pass.  In the second part of my Oriental Adventure I had a pass that had some crazy stuff in it and would love to make some changes to it, and really like that part of the game with one character turning in to a dwarf shark. 
                I have not decided if I am going to have a city in which the White Queen lives in or if she is going to be a wondering person, that could be fun having he players have to find her but she is traveling so if you when to where she was then she would not be there.
                I think that is it for now.  I am really looking forward to doing this.

Posted on June 28, 2015 .

An update

            While I don’t think I am going to make it to 500 words, in this post but I thought it would be good for a little up date.
            I bought some things to help me with my research as I prepare to build my setting.  I am now getting the series for Zenscope Wonderland.  It will be good to have those, I have not yet started readying them, I started at 32.  The game store I go to should have the others so I will start getting them soon.  I also got Alice in Wonder I might read that one today, and then I will get return to wonderland.
Posted on December 21, 2014 .

The Paladin

      It is going to be a bit before I can start working on the game world of Wonderland, but I still think about things, and should be writing them in my game journal so I don't forget them.  so here is what I am thinking about this time.
      While working on the game that I have been trying to run, I have told my players that I would never tell them they could not play a paladin, but I feel that the nature of the paladin would not work in Wonderland due it being a place of chaos.  I feel that the paladin would go crazy if he was in a world of chaos to the point Wonderland is.
      I have been thinking that the Knights in Through The Looking Glass a good movie, would be what it was like if a paladin was stuck in Wonderland for an extend period of time, that is how I am going to write it in my game, I don't think I am going to add them to the god's but I will find a place for the Red and White Knights the Crazy Paladins.
Posted on October 19, 2014 .

A new plan

      So even though I have not done, a ton of stuff on a game for Wonderland, but I have had a lot of fun coming up with ideas for it and stuff.  So I have decided that I am going to build my gaming world in Wonderland.
      I am going to start by building the world, I need to find a place that I can buy hex graph paper.  There are going to be somethings that I have created for the game world I was building, like the Isles of the gods.  and the cities of Bevila and Belladona.  Other things I will be building like the four cities in which the Queens life in.
Posted on August 24, 2014 .

The bird of two colors

      The players have been in camp for two watches, when they found that one of the group was missing.  Lady Esther has disappeared.  The ranger has just found bird feathers around the bed roll of the druid, so now we will find out what the others are going to do.
      While the players are taking care of this, I am thinking that the fire is going to die down and then some monsters will come out, that will be the plan if they don't tell me that someone is watching the fire.  They are in a dryer area so I will just look at an area list to decide what is going to attack.
      I also need to get the cleric's spell list for the day, I believe that healing spells are the only spells that they should be able to just cast, they rest once you pray for them that is what you have for the day.
Posted on July 9, 2014 .

Play by post

      While we are under way, in my play by email game.  I have had one play drop out already she was not really in it she was just doing it because her husband asked her to.  So I will be making a NPC, the lady that left was playing a druid, but I am thinking about adding a thief or assassin, the new character will still be female, I am going to add a pink and purple tattoo over her left eye.
      Right now I am planing that everyone will notice that the druid is gone when they all wake up in the morning, but I will give everyone checks when they are on their watch for the night
      In the morning as they travel I will have them meet the new NPC, before they encounter the caravan and then it is on to the mountain pass, that is going to be some fun, and then they will make it to the Fortress they are looking for.  
Posted on June 28, 2014 .

A new Wonderland

      I have started a Play By Post game.  We are playing in wonderland, but know the hero's are working for the Queen of Spades.  They have just got there first quest, they are going to do B1 In Search of the Unknow.  There is a cleric a druid, a ranger and two fighters.  This game is a 1e game.
Posted on June 9, 2014 .

What's Happening in Wonderland?

      It has been a long time since the last time we played, and I am not sure that playing with Dave is going to work, so now I don't know if we are going to be playing Wonderland any more.  I am hoping that with the addition of Dj to the group, and that I will be able to get one more person. 
      I am hoping that with two more people we will have a good game once a month or more. I really want to keep this going, I want to run the B set, and then The City of Alice. 
Posted on May 4, 2014 .

The Cleric and The Hag

      This is the second time that we have played this Castles and Crusades game, but the first post is in my Northern Clan post.  I am now doing this blog, because there is a new S&S game that starts on Saturday, Motard the God Slayer will hunt again.
      So lets get in to the game.  The adventure begins with the Ranger and the Monk, Assassin and the Bard in the hiding place that the ranger had found.  They had killed the trolls now they just need to go in to the cave and find the gnomes.
      In the main entrance the players thought they were going to get attacked by giant bugs, but there were not any giant bugs.  The second was a store room, with gear in it.  The Monk took 50ft of rope and the ranger took a liu so he could hit some one with it.  They decided they would give the rest of the stuff back to the Gnomes when they were done searching.  
      The next room was a trash room the room was cover with crap and pee, and trash and rotten food.  The ranger was not able to make it in to the room before he got sick and started throwing up.  The monk did not get the clue and went in to the room to search and got sick himself.  After getting sick the hero's found the wine room.  The ranger took a bottle of wine and the monk took from each of the three kegs.
      Being so close to where the people where that they need it was still not time for the hero's to find them for they wanted to go an other way.  They found the main chamber where the troll brothers eat and sleep and what ever else they needed to do.  While searching this room, the ranger heard some noise and decided he would go see what was making that noise and that is how they found the cleric.
      Derfel the Cleric was being held waiting for the trolls to eat him with some of the gnomes.  The cell was locked and instead of asking the lady in black to pick the locks the monk decided that he was going to hit it and when that did not open the door the ranger kicked.  Then when that did not work they asked Lady Shade to help them.  Derfel had been in the cell for four days and he was ready to get his crap and get out.  Lady Shade let the gnomes out of their cells and the group sent them on their way home.
      The last room in the home of the Troll brothers was the treasure room.  The pre gen was made for RPG day and I did not think about the fact that it was written for  level 5 players.  So there was so much gold and silver, and about 7 magic items and scrolls.
      When the Hero's got back to the city of Cardington they got paid the 20 g.p that the gnomes promised and there was a giant feast for the hero's.  They partied all night and then they decided that they need to find a mage so they could get there items checked because the monk found a ring that drained one point of str.  In the morning before they could find a mage, they were summoned to the Queen's Castle for tea.
      The Queen had a new quest for the hero's, this time they were going to hunt a witch.  The village that was having problems with the witch was about four days away.  On the first night of the quest the group was attacked by some Wolf's, now one died in this fight.  During the second day as they traveled they found a magic Mushroom circle that the pixies invited then to dance.  Derfel the cleric decided that he would day with or for the pixies.  After dancing for an hour he was able to make his save and got out.   The rest of the trip was easy.
      They group decided that they were going to keep traveling until they got to the village.  So they came in to town it was very late at night, they should up just in time to see some one leaving the house of someone that was screaming.  They could not follow the person because it was to dark, so they went to the house to see what was going on.  When the got to the second floor they found the woman that lived here and she had her soul sucked out of her.  The guards showed up while everyone was still inside, and instead of talking to the guards and finding out what was going on in the city, the group decided that they were going to throw the body in the closet and that the ranger would use his magic hat to look like the woman and tell the guards that everything was ok. 
      They then went to the bar and listened to a story about the hag that was attacking the village.  They agreed to be the hero's that would save the village from the hag.  In the morning after talking to the captain of the guard, they set out for the Tower of Andru.  On the way to the tower they had to fight an evil Treant that the Hag had created or connived to work for her.  The bard started fighting it and the ranger was able to make a fire and shoot it with arrows, but they were the only two that could hit it.
      In the tower they did not find anything on the the first part of the tower, but in the kitchen they found and imp that was not really wanting to fight them so he told them where the hag was.  This time the fight be longed to the bard and the Assassin.  The ranger got in one good it but that was it.  The Assassin was able to use her Death Attack and kill the hag.  The hero's had saved that day once again. 

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