The bird of two colors

      The players have been in camp for two watches, when they found that one of the group was missing.  Lady Esther has disappeared.  The ranger has just found bird feathers around the bed roll of the druid, so now we will find out what the others are going to do.
      While the players are taking care of this, I am thinking that the fire is going to die down and then some monsters will come out, that will be the plan if they don't tell me that someone is watching the fire.  They are in a dryer area so I will just look at an area list to decide what is going to attack.
      I also need to get the cleric's spell list for the day, I believe that healing spells are the only spells that they should be able to just cast, they rest once you pray for them that is what you have for the day.
Posted on July 9, 2014 .