The Paladin

      It is going to be a bit before I can start working on the game world of Wonderland, but I still think about things, and should be writing them in my game journal so I don't forget them.  so here is what I am thinking about this time.
      While working on the game that I have been trying to run, I have told my players that I would never tell them they could not play a paladin, but I feel that the nature of the paladin would not work in Wonderland due it being a place of chaos.  I feel that the paladin would go crazy if he was in a world of chaos to the point Wonderland is.
      I have been thinking that the Knights in Through The Looking Glass a good movie, would be what it was like if a paladin was stuck in Wonderland for an extend period of time, that is how I am going to write it in my game, I don't think I am going to add them to the god's but I will find a place for the Red and White Knights the Crazy Paladins.
Posted on October 19, 2014 .