Play by post

      While we are under way, in my play by email game.  I have had one play drop out already she was not really in it she was just doing it because her husband asked her to.  So I will be making a NPC, the lady that left was playing a druid, but I am thinking about adding a thief or assassin, the new character will still be female, I am going to add a pink and purple tattoo over her left eye.
      Right now I am planing that everyone will notice that the druid is gone when they all wake up in the morning, but I will give everyone checks when they are on their watch for the night
      In the morning as they travel I will have them meet the new NPC, before they encounter the caravan and then it is on to the mountain pass, that is going to be some fun, and then they will make it to the Fortress they are looking for.  
Posted on June 28, 2014 .