The Cleric and The Hag

      This is the second time that we have played this Castles and Crusades game, but the first post is in my Northern Clan post.  I am now doing this blog, because there is a new S&S game that starts on Saturday, Motard the God Slayer will hunt again.
      So lets get in to the game.  The adventure begins with the Ranger and the Monk, Assassin and the Bard in the hiding place that the ranger had found.  They had killed the trolls now they just need to go in to the cave and find the gnomes.
      In the main entrance the players thought they were going to get attacked by giant bugs, but there were not any giant bugs.  The second was a store room, with gear in it.  The Monk took 50ft of rope and the ranger took a liu so he could hit some one with it.  They decided they would give the rest of the stuff back to the Gnomes when they were done searching.  
      The next room was a trash room the room was cover with crap and pee, and trash and rotten food.  The ranger was not able to make it in to the room before he got sick and started throwing up.  The monk did not get the clue and went in to the room to search and got sick himself.  After getting sick the hero's found the wine room.  The ranger took a bottle of wine and the monk took from each of the three kegs.
      Being so close to where the people where that they need it was still not time for the hero's to find them for they wanted to go an other way.  They found the main chamber where the troll brothers eat and sleep and what ever else they needed to do.  While searching this room, the ranger heard some noise and decided he would go see what was making that noise and that is how they found the cleric.
      Derfel the Cleric was being held waiting for the trolls to eat him with some of the gnomes.  The cell was locked and instead of asking the lady in black to pick the locks the monk decided that he was going to hit it and when that did not open the door the ranger kicked.  Then when that did not work they asked Lady Shade to help them.  Derfel had been in the cell for four days and he was ready to get his crap and get out.  Lady Shade let the gnomes out of their cells and the group sent them on their way home.
      The last room in the home of the Troll brothers was the treasure room.  The pre gen was made for RPG day and I did not think about the fact that it was written for  level 5 players.  So there was so much gold and silver, and about 7 magic items and scrolls.
      When the Hero's got back to the city of Cardington they got paid the 20 g.p that the gnomes promised and there was a giant feast for the hero's.  They partied all night and then they decided that they need to find a mage so they could get there items checked because the monk found a ring that drained one point of str.  In the morning before they could find a mage, they were summoned to the Queen's Castle for tea.
      The Queen had a new quest for the hero's, this time they were going to hunt a witch.  The village that was having problems with the witch was about four days away.  On the first night of the quest the group was attacked by some Wolf's, now one died in this fight.  During the second day as they traveled they found a magic Mushroom circle that the pixies invited then to dance.  Derfel the cleric decided that he would day with or for the pixies.  After dancing for an hour he was able to make his save and got out.   The rest of the trip was easy.
      They group decided that they were going to keep traveling until they got to the village.  So they came in to town it was very late at night, they should up just in time to see some one leaving the house of someone that was screaming.  They could not follow the person because it was to dark, so they went to the house to see what was going on.  When the got to the second floor they found the woman that lived here and she had her soul sucked out of her.  The guards showed up while everyone was still inside, and instead of talking to the guards and finding out what was going on in the city, the group decided that they were going to throw the body in the closet and that the ranger would use his magic hat to look like the woman and tell the guards that everything was ok. 
      They then went to the bar and listened to a story about the hag that was attacking the village.  They agreed to be the hero's that would save the village from the hag.  In the morning after talking to the captain of the guard, they set out for the Tower of Andru.  On the way to the tower they had to fight an evil Treant that the Hag had created or connived to work for her.  The bard started fighting it and the ranger was able to make a fire and shoot it with arrows, but they were the only two that could hit it.
      In the tower they did not find anything on the the first part of the tower, but in the kitchen they found and imp that was not really wanting to fight them so he told them where the hag was.  This time the fight be longed to the bard and the Assassin.  The ranger got in one good it but that was it.  The Assassin was able to use her Death Attack and kill the hag.  The hero's had saved that day once again. 

Posted on March 10, 2014 .