Moving up the pole.

                I have to admit I am really working to get the Neverwinter game out, so there has not been much on this project, but I am going to the public library to see if they have a copy of Alice in Wonderland, and if they don’t my sister in law does so I will start reading that soon, and when I am with Neverwinter I am going to get this game setting done.

                Now let’s get to the real cool reason for the blog today.  Being a part of the

Southgate Media group I just found out about this really cool deal that they have with TeePublic, a Tee Shirt company, and I have chosen one shirt from this site to be the face of Wonderland and the Hero’s.

                The Picture in this blog is a ladies shirt and is the Red one, but you can pick any color for men or women alike.  Here is the link,

Tee Public - Nightfall Tee: The Dragon Variation

                So now off with their heads.

Posted on November 3, 2015 .