Where is Quasar? (The Universe Needs It's Protector)

Where is Quasar?

The Universe Needs It’s Protector

by Phil Perich for the True Believers Blog


If you have been reading this blog since the beginning or you go back and read the first entry, you know of my strong feelings for the Marvel Comics character Quasar.  While my favorite version of the character is Wendell Vaughn, there is a newer version that has appeared recently in the Avengers: Standoff storyline.  Long time Marvel fans know there is a long legacy behind Quasar.  Eon, an ancient alien figure has been picking beings to protect the universe for thousands of years.  He would arm them with the powerful Quantum Bands.  Here are just a few of the last individuals.


Marvel Boy

Robert Grayson was just an infant when he and his father fled to the planet Uranus to escape the rise of Nazi Germany in various comics of the 1950s.  He later appeared to terrorize the Fantastic Four when he returned to Earth in a crazed state.  He seemed to vaporize himself at the end of the battle, but he would return (or a life-like recreation) to terrorize Wendell Vaughn and Earth when Vaughn was using the Quantum Bands. 


Wendell Vaughn

Wendell Vaughn was a Shield agent who was part of the security detail that was guarding the Quantum Bands until they were attacked by the AIM organization.  To keep the bands out of their hands, Vaughn put the bands on and was then unable to remove them.  He worked first as a superpowered Shield agent using the names Marvel Boy and Marvel Man.  He later struck outon his own and became an Avenger using his most well known name, Quasar.



The sister of Genis-Vell (Captain Marvel), suddenly popped into existence after Genis destroyed then recreated the universe.  After the supposed death of Wendell Vaughn, Phyla took the Quantum Bands and the mantle of Quasar.  She worked with the Guardians of the Galaxy for awhile before she sacrificed her life to save them and the universe.


Richard Rider

At one point, Richard Rider, the best known member of the Nova Corps from Earth, lost his Nova powers and was about to die.  As a life saving measure, Richard temporarily donned the Quantum Bands to save his life and operated as Quasar for a very brief time.


Avril Kincaid

During the recent Avengers: Standoff storyline Wendell Vaughn is revealed to be alive and human again after returning to life first as an energy being.  When Shield’s Pleasant Hill superhuman prison is overrun, Shield agent Avril Kincaid dons the Quantum Bands to help defeat the rampaging villains, an homage to Vaughn’s own origin.  It is implied at the end of the storyline that a now powerless Wendell Vaughn would act as a mentor and guide for Avril Kincaid, the new Quasar.  It has been a few months now with no sign of Vaughn or Kincaid.  When and where will they appear next?  As part of one of the many Avengers teams or their own series?  I’m hoping for a new Quasar book!   


So in closing, I just want to ask Marvel to PLEASE give us a new Quasar book.  I believe the audience is there for it, and maybe we can even get some callbacks to the original Mark Gruenwald written Wendell Vaughn series.  Speaking of which, I wonder how Kayla Ballantine has been doing on the New Universe Earth?  Do you agree with me? Let me know!




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