Who is Mary Jane Watson?

Who is Mary Jane Watson?

by Phil Perich for the True Believers Blog


The internet has been buzzing for the last day or so over the newest Spider-Man: Homecoming casting rumor.  Formerly announced actress Zendaya is now rumored to be playing long time Peter Parker love interest Mary Jane Watson.  While some are up in arms over a woman of color portraying the formerly red haired character, I have no problem with the casting as long as the rich, fully history of the character is honored.  Why is Mary Jane such an important part of not just the Spider-Man mythos, but the larger Marvel Universe as well?  Here are a few reasons.


Face it tiger, she's a bombshell!

One of the first romantic interests in Peter Parker’s life, Mary Jane was mentioned a few times by Aunt May who tried to set up her shy nephew with her friend’s niece.  Peter was convinced that Mary Jane must have been unattractive for some reason until he met her face to face for the first time, sowing the seeds for their legendary romance. 


Secrets of the Spider

Probably one of the biggest steps on the road to marriage for the couple was when Mary Jane told Peter she had known for years that he was Spider-Man.  At first she tried to run away from Peter, claiming she couldn't handle the thought of him in danger.  But shortly after, Mary Jane decided to reveal her own turbulent past to Peter. 


Here comes the bride

As I mentioned above, Peter and Mary Jane started to grow closer and closer as they revealed more and more of themselves to each other.  After initialing being hesitant, the two were married in front of family and friends after an adventure in Pittsburgh.


Taking your work home with you

Mary Jane eventually started making connections with the larger Marvel Universe after her husband official joined the Avengers.  After a few months, Peter, Mary Jane, and Aunt May moved into Avengers Tower and spent every day with Earth’s mightiest heroes.


Working girl

After a literal deal with the devil Mephisto (DON”T ASK!) to save the life of Aunt May, Peter and Mary Jane are suddenly single again.  At first, Mary Jane tries to go into business for herself and become the owner of two different night clubs but it doesn't work out.  Eventually Tony Stark offers her a job as his assistant.  She initially refuses until she sees that Tony needs her help to save the company. 


From girl next door to up and coming businesswoman, do you think Zendaya can fill the shoes of this Marvel Legend?  Share you thoughts!




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