Captain Marvel and Brie Larson (Heroes of the Marvel Universe)

Captain Marvel and Brie Larson


Heroes of the Marvel Universe!


by Phil Perich for the True Believers Blog


Yesterday was the final day of San Diego ComicCon 2016.  I think the biggest news for Marvel fans was the big reveal of the actress who will portray Captain Marvel when the character hits the big screen.  As many were already speculating, Academy Award winning actress Brie Larson has been chosen for this important role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.   


Why is this character so important to the movies and Marvel Comics in general?  


Woman in workplace

Right from her first appearance in Marvel Super-Heroes #13 (March 1968), Carol Danvers was written as a strong, independent, modern woman.  She originally gained her powers when she was caught in the explosion of an alien device.  Carol was an officer in the US Air Force and the security chief of a military base.  The explosion altered her DNA, making it half human, half alien Kree.  After recovering from her injuries, she took the heroic identity of Ms. Marvel.  It was at this point she became a magazine editor working for J Jonah Jameson.


With Friends Like These…

Probably the darkest part of Carol’s career came during her first term as an Avenger.  Marcus, the son of the villainous Immortus, kidnapped Carol and used her to enter this world.  He later admitted to using a machine to make her love him and leave Earth with him.  Most readers and writers now consider this a form of rape.  To make matters worse, Carol’s Avengers teammates had no problem letting them leave even after hearing the whole story.  Carol would return to Earth months later and give the Avengers a piece of her mind.  If she could survive that, nothing was out of her reach.


Reinventing a Hero

Carol would take a different path for the next few years.  She spent time off Earth with altered powers as Binary.  She eventually returned to the Avengers with her classic costume and powers but with a new name, Warbird.  While everything seemed back to normal, Carol would leave the Avengers for a short while again when she discovered she was an alcoholic.  But inspiration came from the reality altering House of M event.  In the new timeline, Carol was Earth’s number one superhero.  When reality snapped back to normal, Carol knew she could make what seemed like a dream at the time become reality.


Captain Marvel

Carol was well on her way to becoming the hero she always knew she could be.  One of her last steps was a symbolic one, when she took the name and costume and her deceased friend Mar-Vell, the original Captain Marvel.  Carol’s career skyrocketed as she became one of the most powerful and commanding Avengers and Earth’s number one space hero.  She is now the leader of one of the sides in the current Civil War II storyline.


Quite the legacy, don’t you think.  From innocent bystander in a superhero battle to becoming one of Earth’s most greatest defenders.  I believe her place in the Marvel Universe is so important she now holds a place in pop culture that I can only compare to Wonder Woman over in the DC Universe.  Last month’s Captain Marvel issue reminded me of a classic issue of Quasar from back in the day.  Strong praise from me seeing as how Quasar is my favorite cosmic hero.  But enough from me, how excited are you that this character is getting her own solo movie and will be portrayed by an actress of Brie Larson’s caliber?  Let me know!


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