Captain America No More?

Captain America No More?

(What will be the fate of Steve Rogers and his famous shield in the MCU?)

by Phil Perich for the True Believers Blog


This week we got confirmation on that thing we all knew was coming.  Directors Anthony and Joe Russo went on record to state that in the Avengers: Infinity War movie, Steve Rogers will not be operating in his role as Captain America.  Most hardcore Marvel Comics fans suspected this after the events of Captain America: Civil War.  After Iron Man and Captain America’s final battle, Steve drops his legendary shield and walks away.  A literal and symbolic action, it begs the question: What becomes of the shield and Steve himself, the man who protected and represented America for decades?


There Can Be Only One

Several times in the past, Steve Rogers has either become disillusioned with the American Government, or outside forces have manipulated government officials to “fire” him.  Whether it was the Secret Empire conspiracy that was meant to represent Watergate in the 1970’s, or the Red Skull or Machinesmith working behind the scenes, Steve has always kept his promise to protect the innnocent, even if he couldn't do it as Captain America.  In the 70’s he created the identity of Nomad, the man without a country. 


In other instances, it was the government that lost faith in Steve, not the other way around.  In the classic 80’s storyline by my favorite Captain America writer of all time, Mark Gruenwald, Steve would eventually wear a black version of his classic costume and simple go by the name The Captain. 


And in the 90’s storyline “Man Without A Country”, Gruenwald’s successor Mark Waid had Steve wear another modified costume to clear his name when he appears to be a traitor to the USA thanks to a plot by Machinesmith.  This only lasted three issues, so short a time Steve never even bothered taking a new codename.


And if Steve is no longer Captain America and has dropped his shield, what happens to his old job?  Does someone new take his place acting as Captain America?  This has occurred as well.


Filling Big Shoes

In the last decade or so, some of Steve’s oldest allies have filled his shoes.  First there was James “Bucky” Barnes, who after regaining his memories and shaking off his russian mind control programming, takes up the mantle of Captain America when Steve is believed to be dead.


And just recently, Sam Wilson the Falcon has been protecting America as the new Captain America when Steve’s super Soldier Serum was rendered inert.  Even now that Steve is back to himself (at least physically), Sam continues the good fight as a second Captain America.


But since Sam is on the run with Steve and Bucky is “on ice” in Wakanda, I don’t think either one of them is a likely candidate.  Maybe an earlier replacement?  When Steve took the role and title of The Captain, the government gave his Captain America uniform and shield to the former Super Patriot, John Walker.  While Walker had augmented strength and endurance, he really did not play well with others, even after Steve returned as Captain America and Walkertook The Captain suit and became US Agent.


So what do you think? Will we get John Walker, a fanatical law and order figure as the new Captain America? Or will the role and shield go unused?  Let me know YOUR thoughts:


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