All New Dark Avengers

All New Dark Avengers

By Phil Perich for the True Believers Blog


A few years ago, the original Green Goblin Norman Osborn, was put in charge of the organization Hammer, a replacement for Shield, stole a suit of Tony Stark’s armor, and formed his own team of villains posing as versions of established heroes, the Dark Avengers.  With old teams like the Champions reorganizing soon with new members and multiple Avengers teams running around the world, I thought that this would be the perfect time for a new version of the Dark Avengers, made up of some of the Avengers’ most well known members, now in dark and/or bad places.  


Captain America: Agent of Hydra

As anyone who hasn't been living under a rock for the last few months knows, Steve Rogers had given up the identity of Captain America after his super soldier serum was rendered inert and he rapidly grew to his natural age.  Steve returned after being restored by the cosmic child-like being known as Kobik.  But thanks to convincing by the Red Skull, Kobik altered Steve’s memories so that now he believes himself to be an undercover agent of Hydra.  Even worse, Steve now believes he has to kill the Red Skull and shape the world to his version of Hydra.  Sounds like the perfect candidate for leader of the All New Dark Avengers!


Infamous Iron Man

While the final fate of Tony Stark post Civil War II has yet to be revealed, what we do know is that in a few months time he will not be operating as Iron Man.  There will be not one, but two replacements for the armored avenger.  One of them is Victor Von Doom, formerly one of the Fantastic Four’s deadliest enemies who now claims to have reformed.  A supposedly former villain who has attempted in the past to conquer the world and now is going to pass himself off as the newest version of a founding Avenger?  Sounds like Dark Avenger material to me!


Unworthy Thor

No one know what words the original Nick Fury whispered in Thor’s ear, but immediately after the son of Odin became unworthy to pick up his fabled hammer Mjolnir.  The hammer called to Jane Foster and gave her the powers of Thor.  Meanwhile the Odinson has been not seen for sometime, except for the reveal that he now wields the hammer of the Thor from the now destroyed Ultimate Universe.  Now missing an arm, sporting a darker version of his hammer, and carrying a huge chip on his shoulder, you couldn't keep this fallen god out of the Dark Avengers!


Hawkeye: Odd Man Out

Attempting to save the world from a murderous Hulk, Clint Barton kills Bruce Banner in accordance with the scientist’s wishes.  Arrested and put on trial for murder, Clint is acquitted and released.  He is set to soon go underground and help the innocent however he can.  But Clint may eventually want to confront Captain Marvel, the Black Panther, and anyone else he feels may have betrayed him or left him out in the cold.  Who else would go toe to toe with the heavy hitters of the super hero community than Avengers legends who now are even more dangerous with hidden dark sides?


The Hulk: Strongest Zombie There Is

Recent previews have revealed that even though Bruce Banner was killed by an arrow fired by Hawkeye, the Hulk will soon be resurrected by the evil ninja clan known as the Hand.  While not being known as the most agreeable person before, imagine how dark and twisted a Hulk brought back to life by evil ninjas could be.  Sounds like the best choice for the Dark Avengers powerhouse!


So what do you think? Would you be interested in reading all about the All New Dark Avengers?  Let me know YOUR thoughts (and Marvel, I’m available)!


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Posted on September 10, 2016 .