Why Captain America is not a Hydra Agent

Why Captain America is not a Hydra Agent

(The best of us)

by Phil Perich for the True Believers Blog


Whether you’re a hardcore Marvel Comics fan or just on social media, I’m sure you saw the bombshell last page of this week’s Steve Rogers: Captain America #1.   


Just two words, but it set the internet on fire starting Wednesday morning.  Was this a stunt to draw attention away from DC Universe: Rebirth #1 that released on the same day?  Probably, because when I calmed down and thought about it, Marvel and DC comics have been pulling these stunts for years, from “killing” heroes to temporarily replacing every major Marvel and DC hero at one point or another.  I’m willing to continue reading and see how the storyline plays out, but it’s the fan reactions on both sides that still have me upset.  Some fans are angry about this and I understand, but some have gone so far as to send writer Nick Spencer death threats.  It is NEVER alright to go this far.  But on the other side, some fans are almost mocking their peers for being upset.  One blog I just read a few hours ago seemed to be giving fans a hard time for being upset.  Meanwhile the “big fan” who wrote the blog didn’t even know the full title and just called it Captain America #1 (current Marvel Comics readers know there are currently two men sharing the name of Captain America).  While you shouldn't let this story dominate your thoughts and feelings, make you physically ill, it is alright to be upset.  These characters mean a lot to people, especially Captain America.  In a world where we get news stories about wars, murders, and the ever menacing presidential debates (YOUR candidate is going to destroy this country, no YOUR party is…), we need the escapism of larger than life characters, especially ones like Captain America.  The ultimate “Good Guy”, Captain America is always there to stand for hope and goodness.  He will always bring out the best in us.  This man, this icon, this character, cannot be the fascist that the writers want to trick us into thinking he is.  Captain America has been there to inspire us in times of trouble, like he was after the tragedy of September 11. 


This man has inspired such greatness in others, both in the real world and the Marvel Universe.  He has partnered with people and elevated them to even greater heroes.  People like Bucky Barnes, Rick Jones, Sam Wilson, Jack Monroe, Dennis Dunphy, Rachael Leighton, Sharon Carter and many more.


And Captain America has been instrumental in bigger groups, elevating the Avengers or Shield to greater heights because of his will, determination, and strong moral compass.  So don’t worry, Marvel would never mess with an icon that has come to reflect the best of America.

Even they wouldn't go THIS far, would they?


What are YOUR thoughts on this turn of events? Temporary stunt to get media attention and hopefully boost sales, or have the creative talent at Marvel lost their minds?  Let me know:




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Until next time, believe in Captain America, because he believes in us, NUFF SAID!!

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