Deadpool (World's greatest hero)


(World’s greatest hero)

By Deadpool as told to Phil Perich for the True Believers Blog


Hi comic book and movie fans, Good old Wade Wilson here.  Most of you probably know me as Deadpool. Hero, killer, lover, collector of anything Hello Kitty.  I told that tool that usually writes this blog he could take the week off so we could all sit around and bask in the awesomeness that is me!  So let’s examine my meteoric rise to superstardom. 


  1. Origin story

As hard as it is to believe, my story doesn't begin with my parents going to the prom, but when I was created by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza as a villain hired by Tolliver to kill Cable and the New Mutants in New Mutants #98 back in February 1991.  I started out as a poor man’s Deathstroke, with some Wolverine and Spider-Man mixed in.  But I proved to be so popular I became an anti-hero and now I’m SO much more famous than any of those posers.  


2. Paid vacation

After 2 so so miniseries and a spectacular 69 (of course) issue ongoing series, the X-Men line of books was revamped and a new title called Agent X was released.  Everyone, including my friends in the book thought this amnesiac quick healer who started his own hero for hire (real original) business was me.  But my fame proved to be to much for him and I returned at the end of his measly 15 issue series. 


3. Back up in it

Upon my return from comic book limbo, I was forced to share a team up book with my good friend/sometime foe Cable for 50 issues.  I then got my own series back right in the heart of the Secret Invasion storyline.  I also eventually got a team up book, then lead my own team book with versions of myself from other realities with the Deadpool Corps (much better than the Green Lantern comic books or movie, right Ryan Reynolds?).


4. Career Man

The Marvel Now event began a new ongoing series for with a new #1 (yeah yeah, makes my head spin too).  I was called in to help Shield when this nitwit wizard wannabe raises all the dead former Presidents of the United States.  Shield didn't want the american public to see someone like Captain America going all Walking Dead on the zombie Presidents, very un-American (except for guys like Chester A Arthur, I mean c’mon, this guy was asking for it!).


5. Bigger than Jay-Z

After the Axis storyline I was magically turned into a monk named Zenpool and I died at the end of the newest Secret Wars (hey, everyone died), I came back to the newly reformed universe as the most popular hero ever.  Now I star in a monthly comic book of my own, one with Spider-Man, a miniseries with some lesser known mercs, and my own big budget movie.  I’m so big now even your mom knows who I am. 


Well, if you want to hear more about my awesome life or even hear my sexy ramble about any other subject (Bea Arthur anyone?), feel free to contact that tool I mentioned in the beginning of this blog and let him know.


Uh, thanks Deadpool. You can contact me any of the following ways:


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