27 rooms has the House of Knowledge

      This has been a very good week for working on Neverwinter, I was able to finish getting all the mapping done for the first level.  I will finish writing all the details for the rooms hopefully on Tuesday and then can get the Vault done.  I have finished 23 of the 27 rooms.
      In one of the rooms I have to create a monster, it is going to be great.  I am looking forward to getting to these parts in the game so I can share them with you, one room that is going to be a lot of fun is the room that leads to the Vault, there are a few traps and a Minotaur.
      The next time we play the monk and the three dwarf's are going to have to save vs. the Creeping Madness or get sick.  I hope that one of them gets the Madness because it would add more to the story when if they go looking for a cure.  I want to add finding a cure to the story, but I am not sure I want the Creeping Madness to become a focal point in the story it really doesn't play a part in the four seasons.
Posted on September 21, 2014 .