Who's in the house?

      So it has been two week scene everyone has been at the game.  But last night I had both players and the hope that someone new would be joining us.The new guy did not show up but maybe next time.
      The game started with one player needing to create a new character.  The new character is a mage.  The idea is that by being a mage he will not die so much.  When asked what he was doing in order for the others to find him, he said he was just chilling in his house.  So he missed the first batlle.
      The fist battle worked great in my favor because three of the four monsters were minons, I will get to the in a min.  The monk and three dwarfs were on their way to the House of Knowledge when they were attacked by some orc's.  The fist opened with the monk use a thunder strike power that killed all three of the minons, it was an encounter power that would have been nice for fighting the other orc. 
      There reason the battle work great for me was in the second fight the monk thought she had it made because they were more orc's so she thought more minons, but this time all the monsters were real.  It was also a good fight for me, because the other player wanted to be a mage so he would not die as much, the archer orc just keep shooting the mage and the mage almost died.
      The group made it to the House of Knowledge.  The way they started out I was hoping they would have ran in to the demons that live there.  However they did not climb up the bell tower.  They still went ways that I was not ready for them to go, and they were kind of mad because they keep going through doors that only took them to more hall ways.
      I did reward them because once they found a room or two with books, they went right to work looking for any thing they could on the artifacts they are looking for.  I give them one level, because the room they are in would have come after they found one of the artifacts and even though they do not know it is in this building they know a little bit more about it.
      Next time we play there is going to be some fun things going down, like they have to now make saves not to get the creeping madness.
Posted on August 24, 2014 .