Six rooms in the House of Knowledge

      I was able to work a little bit on the Neverwinter game in hopes that we would play it last night.  I know that one of my guys was going to be gone, but two should have been there.  While only one person should up.  I am hoping to add a girl to the team, but I am not going to ask her again until she is done with the World Cos-play that is in Japan in July.
      So I got six rooms done in The House of Knowledge, one room has treasure on a spell book.  Two rooms have monsters.  When I create a monster there is a 50% chance that they have got the Spell Scar.  Both of these monsters have the Spell Scar when I rolled the check they both rolled 09.  I don't know maybe you don't think that is cool like I do. 
      The first monster is an Imp, there are four demons that have made the house there home, so I thought I would but some other demons in the house as while.  The second monster is a Eldrin Knight; there is a chance that the players don't fight him and try to help him get raid of the Spell Scar. 
      In one of the rooms I will be creating one of my own monsters.  It is going to be a Book Worm, right now some of the powers it will have are that of the mind flyer.  I am also thinking it will have two of the Spell Scar powers.  I have only thought about it a little right now but when I create it I will share it here.
      I have also decided that I am going to but one of the artifacts in the house.  The organ I am going to have five skeletons that come to life when that music starts to play and you have to kill them in order to stop the music.  The order will depend on the song that is playing.  it will play different music depending on who enters the room first.
Posted on June 1, 2014 .