Wizards Red, and Dragons White

      Now that we have the full cast of hero's here you go.\
      Captain Mal the Pirate: played by Casey
      Gid the Sword Mage: played by Nick
      Aramil son of Arcans son of Son The Mage: played by Mckell
      Soul Reaper the Cleric: played by Matthew
      Rolen the Druid: played by Spencer

      This story starts with our hero's in two groups, one is Gid waiting for a mage to come home, so he can learn about changing his body to be more magical.  The second group is everybody else getting ready to make a move on a house of Red Wizards. 
      We will start with Gid siting on the door step of this wizard, when he sees someone coming.  This person has been beat up really bad, as this person gets closer.  Gid can see that it is the wizard he is waiting for.  Not only is this man looking really bad, he is carrying a lot of papers and rolls and things like that.  When Gid asks the mage what happen, "I was attacked by the Red Wizards for working with you.  It would seem that they don't like you at all."  Gid tells the wizard that it is not him that the him that the Red Wizards are after the Mage that he is traveling with.  "While it really don't matter if it is you or not, I took a good beating for you, so come in and we will see what we can do." 
      Once in side the mage rolls out some papers and opens his not book on a table, and explains to Gid what they are looking at.  (this glove looks like a part from the Iron Man suit.)  "This is the Seeker, It is a item of power that will help you fight off the undead.  After you have found it, it  will take 5 days and 500 g.p. to attach it to your arm." "according to my research I think it is some where in the graveyard."  Now there is nothing that can stop Gid from going to the Graveyard. 

      Now lets move to the other group.  Last time Rolen had spotted some Red Wizards heading into a building, the group is trying to decided what they are going to do, When suddenly Gid fly's on to the Air Ship the Argo III.  Explaining to the rest of the group that he needs to go to the Graveyard right now.   Aramil sets forward and asks "what is at the graveyard the is so important that it can't wait until we are done hear."  Gid explains about the Seeker and that he is going to get it and have it attached to his arm, and that it is some where in the graveyard. 
      The party now has a choose to make are they going to stick to the plan and go after the Red Wizards, or are they going to help Gid and go to the graveyard?  Gid really wants to go to the graveyard, but Aramil points out that they all agreed to take care of the Red Wizards and that until they do this the Wizards will keep attacking the group.  So they decided to enter the  building.
      While deciding what they are going to do, Aramil notices that something is not right with the building they are looking at.  After some arcane checks he learns that the top part of the build is invisible. So what was up there and how does the group find out?  Rolen decided that he was going to turn in to a spider and try to scout out the place, it was a good thing that the place was not full of Red Wizards, be the spider is a medium sized spider.  Rolen was able to find some open windows that they could enter the building from.  So back on the Argo III, they hero's try to come up with a plain to sneak in to the house of the Red Wizards. 
      Here is the plain that the Hero's of Neverwinter came up with.  Rolen decided that he would go in one window on the six floor, Aramil and Gid would go in other window on the six floor, and Mal would turn in to a rat and go in the front door with Soul Reaper.  Soul Reaper but on one of the red robes that they had found earlier.  When Rolen climb in his window the room was empty and there was a door, the window that Gid and Aramil went to a empty room as while with a door.  When both of these groups opened their doors there they were standing in front of each other. 
      When Soul Reaper entered the front door there was a receptionist at a desk, as Soul Reaper tried to go through one of the doors, the receptionist said, "don't forget to sign the book."  After waiting about five minutes he decided he was going to sign it Bob, making his bluff check he was now Bob.  Making is way through the door he saw six Red Wizard walking right towards him.  Instead for talking with them he turned and went back out the door, in to the main office and in to the dinning hall.  It was not long before those six wizards were in the dinning hall, joining Bob of dinner. 
      Back on the sixth floor Rolen decided to turn back to his human form and join the other two as they search the floor.  In one of the rooms they find a lady that is tied up and passed out.  Gid put his hand over her mouth and woke her up giving her the sign that they were going to help her get out of the house.  She accepted there offer for help and went with them as they searched the rest of the level.  at the end of hall was a set of stairs going up.  There was really nothing on this floor, but in one of the rooms, Aramil found a secret stair case that went up.  At the top of the stair case was some type of telescope, the group found that when they looked through it looking for a person, they were able to see where that person was.  Aramil used his magic learning to take it a part and draw how to rebuild it, so they could put it on the Argo III.
      At the dinner Soul Reaper was not doing a great job of trying to fit in.  Finally just as dinner was winding down he started talking to the group about what they were going to do about the Air Ship that was now in Neverwinter.  Bob pointed out that they could shot it down, and got bite by Mal the rat.  After dinner the group of wizards went to the war room to discuss their plain of attacking the air ship and Aramil.  In the war room was a table, and on this table was a map of Neverwinter Bob found this map kind of cool because the head mage would wave his hand over it and say show me Aramil, but it only took to times for the head to know something was not right.  He sent two mages plus Bob to go up to the telescope to see what was going on.  Of course it did not take long for them to see that it was not working because some one had taken it, so when they got back the head wizard was not happy at all and they all left the house to take care of some things.  Bob thought it would be a good idea to take the map so he did.
      When the Hero's came out of the house there was one thing that they noticed right away.  it was starting to snow.  Now of course this is a good sign that something is wrong because it doesn't snow in Neverwinter,  While it was time to go to the graveyard so off they went.  Standing outside the gate to the graveyard was to guards that tried to warn the group to not go in, for the dead are knew to walk on their own.  Gid was not going to listen to any one and proceeded to go in.  The snow  has really started to pile up, and the few Zombie's that were out and about were not able to attack the party.  Trying to hurry and find the seeker, the group ask Aramil to cast hand of fate to try and find where it is.  The answer is in the catacomb so on the group goes.  Gid uses his shape changing power to try and look like he is undead.  When the group opens the door to the catacomb they are rushed by four zombies. 
      After the battle with the zombies the party once again went it's own way.  Gid and Rolen went of down the main hall, and when they did not find anything went down one of the side paths. in one room they found some stairs going down.  At the bottom of the stairs was a Red Wizard and two zombies.  Gid told the wizard that he was looking for the seeker, the wizard told Gid that they had it and that he was not going to get it with out paying a price.  Gid was not very good at this game and when the wizard said he wanted Gid'a boot's and 1000 g.p Gid said that he would go and get his friend so help get the Seeker, and the wizard said fine I will get my friend too.
      Aramil got back on the air ship because the snow was getting really bad, and Soul Reaper stayed at the front door to protect the others.  Mal went down a different path and came to a room with a fire pit and a dead body just laying on the floor.  When he moved the body he found a hidden door.  In the hidden door was a case, in the case was the seeker.  Mal made haste to find the others and get to the air ship.
      While on the air ship Aramil thought he was something really big flying in the clouds, but he was not able to see any thing because of how bad the snow was.
      When everyone was on the ship the made there way to the mages house so Gid can get the Seeker put on his arm.  When they got to his house, there was a wall of fire in front of the door.  The group figured that it was to keep the snow from piling up, so they went to the door, and when they got to the wall a path opened for them to go through.  While Gid was talking with the wizard about getting the  Seeker put on the rest of the group went back to the air ship.
      This time those that were on the air ship, were able to see what was in the clouds, and it was two white dragons.  These dragons were coming right for the Argo III.  Aramil was able to talk to them and get them to not attack, in the talks they gave the dragons some fresh meat and the jeweled carpet, to leave the party alone.  The dragons agree to not attack the party but the city was a different story.
      Now that the Seeker had been take care of, it was time to take care of why it was snowing in Neverwinter, for this I am using the adventure that came with the Monster Vulat  but making some changes like two White Dragons.
Posted on June 25, 2013 .