Day 11, The Redness

      Mal, the Pirate played by: Casey
      Gid, the Sword Mage played by: Nick
      I lost my paper with everyone's names on it so I will have to get you the names of the mage, the druid and the cleric next time. 
      This day started out with the players making there way back to see Lord Nevermember, so they could get the money for the job they can just finished.  The Killing of the Kraken was not an easy task, but only worth 200 G.P. each.  When the players got back to the castle the Lord had made a feast for the Hero's.  All the players were very afraid to eat the food for fear that they would die.
      Once Lord Nevermember showed up to the feast, it did not take long for the mage to call due the rest of what the Lord owed him.  Information on what might have happened to his Race.  For he is on a personal quest to find out happened and fix it.  So he was sent to the Library where there the history books would hopefully shard some life on the subject.  Here is what he learned,  The Red Wizards and the Cult of the Dragon are trying to bring an dead dragon back to life,  The Dread Ring might have had something to due with the death of this race.
      So now the party now has a problem, what are we going to do?  They decided that their choices were 1. go back to the chasm and find the cure for the Creeping Madness 2. They could hunt down the Red Wizards 3. Find something else to do.  They decided that they were going after the Red Wizards.  But where would they start?
      They would not have to try hard to find the Red Wizards, because when the group came out of the castle, some wizards were waiting for them.  The mage liked using and moving his stinking could and flaming Sphere.  The sword mage once again took to the air to shot people so they could fall to their deaths.  The druid would try to go one on one with a Human Dualist and come out on the short end of the stick.  And the Pirate was not able to do much.
     After the fight everyone got on to the Air Ship owned by the pirate for the night.  Day 12 starts with the Sword Mage going to meet a wizard that is helping him to get some powers.  Gid got to the wizards house he was not home, but there was a box on the front step with a note for Gid to drink the potion that was inside.  Gid passed out for 20 min and when he woke up he could see everyone's heat and could see up  to 120 ft. 
      Back on the Air Ship the Cleric decided he was going to attack the Druid.  shortly after this fight started the Pirate woke up and kicked them both off the ship, just as the got back on the group a small group of Red Wizards attack them and Gid.  Gid was tired of fight these guys so he just fly off, but with the help of Mal the Cleric and Druid was able to kill there group of wizards.
      While waiting for Gid to return the rest of the group just hangs out, and the Druid spots a group of guys in red robes heading in to a building.  What is going to happen next in Neverwinter?
Posted on June 15, 2013 .