Attack on the Ice King part I

      Our story begins with Rolen and Captain Mel going through houses getting what they can, while the others were out with the townsfolk.  when some undead monsters came on a sky ship to attack the city.
      When the undead army gets to the ground they all go after Soul Reaper.  Soul Reaper was able to hold is own for a time, but then started taking large amounts of damage. (for some reason even though it is weak, I don't know why Soul Reaper did not use turn undead.)  Aramil had to save Soul Reaper with the Sphere of Fire and the Stinking Cloud.
      Things are about to get worse for the Hero's when out of the clouds comes one of two of the White Dragons.  The second would  be joining in 14 rounds if the fight goes that far.  Rolen and Soul Reaper were the only ones that heard it coming.  When the dragon landed he attacked Aramil and could not hit him because of Aramil's fire shield.  Gid who was on the Argo III getting a new arm came out to help fight the dragon.  Gid felt that there was not a whole lot he could do, so he stayed on the ship and shoot the sleep cannon and sent his griffen to fight the Dragon.  Mel shoot the dragon with a power that knocked him prone for the rest of the fight, and after the fourth time Gid was able to get the dragon to fall asleep.  (I need to look through the rules better, This is the second big monster that has fallen asleep.)
      Once the Dragon was done, the players blow through the undead.  at the end of the fight Aramil went through the dragon for it's insides to get spell components.  Then he tried to skin it and see if they could get some armor.
      While this was going on, the sky ship ask for the Ice rod, no one had it but Gid got on the bout so he could get his own air ship, but when he got on board it took off, and there was no way to get off.  What will happen next time in part II of Attack on the Ice King?

Posted on July 10, 2013 .